TMS UiB Career Program

Trond Mohn Foundation (TMS) and UiB have recruited 48 excellent young researchers to UiB through the TMS Starting Grants. The grant holders will receive career support via the TMS-UiB Career Program at the university.

TMS UiB kick off
The new career program started in the spring of 2019. From left: Oddveig Åsheim (TMS), Håvard Haarstad, Helen F. Leslie-Jacobsen, Mathias Ziegler (Advisory Board), Konrad Tywoniuk, pro rector at UiB Margareth Hagen, Kjetil Våge, Lilya Budaghyan, Andreas Born, Selina Våge and Steffen Leth Jørgensen.
Thor Brødreskift

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The purpose of the career program is to give extra value and support to the TMS Starting Grant holders, to build their career as researchers at the University of Bergen.

The candidates will get insight into research group management, how to organize their activities strategically, communication and other important aspects of building a strong research career, such as budgeting, innovation or research communication.

Network across the diciplines

"The goal is to strengthen these excellent young researchers' career development. At the same time, we want to facilitate network-building across the university's diciplines. This network will include both the current grantees working on their projects, and the researchers who have finished their projects and are now in other positions at the university", says Rector Margareth Hagen .

Hagen adds that even if the grantee group's research cover many different topics,  the new candidates have many common experiences and challenges, being granted the opportunity to build and lead their own research group at the university. A mentoring scheme will also be set up to support all the candidates.

Science Advisory Committee

Stefan Kölsch, Siri Gloppen, Nikolai Østgaard and Mathias Ziegler.

Steering Committee

Margareth Hagen (leader), Ole T. Hjortland, Inge Jonassen, Nathalie Reuter, Oddveig Åsheim (observer, TMS) and Jutta Schloon (secretary).