Momentum delegate 2021 - 2022

Regine Paul

Department of Administration and Organization Theory, Faculty of Social Sciences

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Regine Paul joined UiB’s Department of Administration and Organization Theory as an Associate Professor in May 2021. She majored in Political Science and European Studies (Braunschweig, Bath, Siena) and was awarded a PhD in Social and Policy Sciences from the University of Bath (UK) in 2012. Regine has been a post-doc at Bielefeld University (2013-17) and a John F. Kennedy Memorial Fellow at Harvard’s Center for European Studies (2017/18). She was also an Interim Professor in Comparative Political Science at Kassel University (2019-21). Her research focuses on comparative public policy governance and public administration from institutionalist and interpretivist perspectives. Her empirical expertise is in migration/mobility governance, risk regulation, and the use of automation and AI technologies in public decision-making. Her recent books include: "Varieties of Risk Analysis in Public Administrations" (Routledge) and the "Handbook on the Governance and Politics of Migration" (Edward Elgar, co-edited). She has just been commissioned to lead-edit a “Handbook on AI and public policy” (Edward Elgar). At UiB, Regine teaches on the European Union and European integration, public policy, research design and qualitative methods.