Momentum delegate 2023

Knut Eirik Ringheim Eliassen

Department of Global Public Health and Primary Care, Faculty of Medicine

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Although born in Tromso, in the northern part of Norway, I have my medical training from Denmark. After internship in Finnmark, in the very north of Norway, I worked as a general practitioner and researcher half and half in Oslo for about 10 years. I then mainly immersed in infectious diseases and antibiotic resistance and wrote my PhD thesis on tick borne Lyme borreliosis in Norwegian general practice.

In 2017 I moved with my family to the little town of Voss in the western part of Norway and bought in to a general practice after a year as resident at the local hospital. I soon got in touch with the colleges at the University of Bergen and have worked half and half as GP and associate professor at the Department of Global Public Health and Primary Care for the last 3 and a half years. All the way from being a student myself and up until now, I have enjoyed teaching, and the environment in Bergen has given me the opportunity to develop this interest further. As I now go into a full-time position at the university, I am turning my main research area into medical education research.