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Drugs and testsubstanses

Ordering, storage and use of drugs and testsubstanses for animals

What information do you need to give us to order prescriptions?

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  • Drugs for animals must be stored in a locked cabinet
    • Contact the “driftsansavrlig” for access and key
    • Drugs cannot be stored in the front rooms or in the laboratories
  • Drugs must be used before expire date
    • The opening date must be written on the container
    • Outdated drugs or drugs stored in wrong places will be removed

Purchasing medication for animal research

UiB has entered into a purchase agreement with the Norwegian Medicinal Depository (NMD) on medicines

This resulted in some changes in routines for ordering medicines for animals from October 1, 2018

  1. Veterinary prescription* must be attached to the order itself, which is in the UiB's ordering system (baseware)
  2. Delivery of the order takes place to the Goods Receipt at the individual department
    • Alternatively, you can pick up the product yourself at Vitus Apotek Nordstjernen at Bergen Storsenter
  3. For delivery the same week, the order must be sent by Tuesday at 1200
    • Delivery the same week will then be during Thursday the same week

* Veterinary prescription must be obtained before this deadline.

As a result of this change, it is important that the researchers are out in good time for ordering medicines for animals.

Recipient is responsible for keeping medicines locked up when not in use

Prescription for medication

Send the following information to vetpost@viv.uib.no :

  • Date:
  • Applicant's name:
  • Birth- and Social Security number (for A and B prescriptions **):
  • Animal species:
  • Name of drug:
  • Strength/concentration:
  • Quantity:
  • FOTS number

Choose one of the alternatives:

 1. I would like a prescription I can use several times - valid max 1 year.
             Does not apply to A and B preparations **

 2.  I want to collect the prescription at Vivarium (4 floor).

Commonly used drugs

Some regular drugs for animal use, strenght and package size

Group A**

Group B**

Group C

Ketalar inj

50 mg/ml, 10 ml

Stesolid inj

5mg/ml, 2ml x 10

Isoba vet

Inhalationanestheticum 250 ml

Ketalar inj

10 mg/ml, 20 ml

Midzolam inj

5mg/ml, 3ml x 5


Inhalationanestheticum 250 ml

Temgesic inj

0,3mg/ml, 1mlx5


Antisedan vet

5mg/ml, 10 ml

Fentanyl inj

50 mg/ml, 10ml x 10


Domitor vet

1 mg/ml,10 ml

Hypnorm inj

10 ml


Metcam vet inj

5mg/ml, 10 eller 20 ml



Metacam vet mikstur 15mg/ml, 100 ml



Rimadyl vet

50mg/ml, 20 ml



Marcain inj 2,5mg/ml 5x20ml


Use of antimicrobial drugs

Use of antomicrobial drugs shall not be use to compensate for poor aseptic procedures

Animicrobial drugs that are reserved for humans shall not be used on anmals.

The ministry can make regulations and list of antmicrobial drigs not for use in animals

Use of Non-Pharmaceutical-Grade Chemicals and Other Substances

The use of pharmaceutical-grade chemicals and other substances ensures that toxic or unwanted side effects are not introduced into studies conducted with experimental animals. They should therefore be used, when available, for all animal-related procedures