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The archaeologists who found the world's oldest man-made drawing are back in the South African fields in search of new discoveries. Follow their day-to-day blog and see what happens when they experiment with heat and fire to get a better understanding of how humans lived 100 000 years ago.
New research proves that our ancestors cooked starchy rhizome 170 000 years ago. The study also implies that the food was shared as a social act around the fire.
The archaeologists who found the World's oldest man-made drawing are back in Blombos Cave in search of new discoveries. Professor Henshilwood welcomes us to the cave to show us his team at work as they dig for clues that can tell us how early humans lived.
New digital technology makes it possible to recreate the lives led by our ancestors 100,000 years ago.
“You really could go on and on about this! It is very interesting to learn a bit about you work here”, EU Ambassador Thierry Béchet said when he was visiting the SapienCE Centre.
" Archeology is a fascinating way to learn about human evolution because it opens up to all disciplines and allows us to look at human behavior from a holistic perspective".
The earliest known bone awls, suitable to produce skin clothing, are 73 000 years old and come from Blombos Cave, a site investigated by the researchers of the UiB Centre for Early Sapiens Behaviour. However, little is known about the origin of the sewing techniques necessary to produce tailored clothing. A new study, lead by Francesco d’Errico, professor II at the University of Bergen and... Read more
UiB klatrer på prestisjefylt rangering og er landets mest siterte universitet. – Dette viser hvor stort gjennomslag forskningen vår har. Funnet av verdens eldste tegning er et ferskt eksempel på forskning av høy kvalitet med stor internasjonal interesse, sier rektor Dag Rune Olsen.
Nyheten om at verdens eldste tegning er funnet av en gruppe arkeologer fra UiB har fått hele verden til å se mot Bergen. I løpet av noen få minutter var den 73 000 år gamle tegningen blitt toppsak hos alt fra New York Times til Wall Street Journal og BBC.
Archeologist from UiB discovered the earliest known drawing in a cave in South Africa. The abstract drawing displays a red cross-hatched line pattern, created with an ochre crayon 73 000 years ago.
Groundbreaking research puts human evolution in a new perspective as significant archaeological findings reveals sign of modern human behavior 300 000 years ago.
Francesco d’Errico has been named as one of the world’s Highly Cited Researchers according to a new ranking published by prestigious Clarivate Analytics.
UiB's new Centre of Excellence is officially open.
The new Centre of Excellence at The University of Bergen aims to discover the past to understand the present.
UiB researcher Karen van Niekerk's road to (a Centre of) excellence.