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The annual SKOK debate

Bergen mothers, Bergen Light Rail and urban planning

Urban planning for whom?

An image of a train speeding past a station in a a city-scape during dusk
How should we develop our city? Visitors and citizens in Bergen are affected by how the city is developed, which transport systems are prioritized and the design of private and public spaces.

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During the latest local election in Bergen, the debate about urban planning, the road tax and Bybanen (Bergen Light Rail) arose as usual. Howver, this time the role of women, and especially mothers, occupied a central place in the debate.

In the SKOK debate 2020, we are discussing the role of feminism and who we should listen to when discussing the planning and structure of our city.

And what does it do with the debate that its participants are now presenting themselves with clear distinctions like e.g. mothers?

In the panel: Architect Tina Sinclair (Vestland Fylkeskommune), activist Ina Grung (Bergens Mødre), Historian Sara Edenheim (University in Umeå). Architect and PhD student Anders Rubing (SKOK) moderates.

The event was held in Norwegian.