Centre for Women's and Gender Research

Embodied Geographies: History of Latvian Women's Writing

This seminar will introduce a postdoctoral research project on writing a history of women authors in the 21st century in Eastern Europe, namely Latvia.

A collage of black and white images of women, a map and a text in Latvian
Image collage by Zita Karkla - images are taken from https://www.literatura.lv/en

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The research project is a work-in-progress that proposes a comprehensive research focusing on a particular aspect – female embodiment and exploring spatial interconnections that link women writers, their material worlds and literary texts.

Using both close–reading, the well-established method for literary analysis, and applying tools and methods of digital humanities, as well as intersectional feminist approach the research aims at creating new knowledge about women's contribution to the literary field.

Zita Karkla is a postdoctoral researcher at the Institute of Literature, Folklore and Art of University of Latvia.

Her research interests include: literary history, women writers, feminist and gender theories, cultural studies and digital humanities.

Karkla is currently visiting the Centre for Women's and Gender Research at UiB, and at this seminar, she will present her work.