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The SEAT research project wants to help consumers make more ethical choices when purchasing farmed fish products. The researchers hope this can be achieved by creating a dialogue between producers in Asia and consumers in Europe.
On October 4th Roger Strand and Kjetil Rommetveit launched the report "What can history teach us about the development of a European research Area?" at a seminar in the European Commission in Brussels. The report was commissioned by the JRC Joint Research Centre, and was authored by SVT researchers Kjetil Rommetveit, Roger Strand, Ragnar Fjelland and Silvio Funtowicz.
In this article recently published in the journal Marine Policy, the research group behind the SVT-led project UncAP has addressed the problem of uncertainties in the decision-making process related to offshore petroleum activities.
European Society for Agricultural and Food Ethics EurSafe President, Professor Matthias Kaiser, reveals how food security and safety are highly pertinent issues in present-day Europe, and calls on individuals to recognise the socioeconomic and environmental issues surrounding food production, inviting us to become responsible food citizens
Gunnar Skirbekk, Professor Emeritus at SVT, has an important contribution to the debate on modernity and its variants in his new book.