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Finding the phylogenetic backbone of cinquefoils

The main evolutionary lineages of cinquefoils are investigated in this recently published open access article from the Rosaceae Evolution research group at the University of Bergen.

Potentilla erecta
Nannie L. Persson, UiB

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It can be challenging to reconstruct more ancient branches in the tree of life, given complicating factors such as rapid speciation and hybridisation between species. We addressed known challenges about relationships in the cinquefoils (genus Potentilla, strawberry-like herbs in the flowering plant family Rosaceae) by analysing DNA sequences from different regions of the genomes of representative species. We present a new well-supported phylogenetic tree that provides a fundamental tool for understanding the evolution of species and their traits in this plant group.

Read our open access article in AoB Plants. https://doi.org/10.1093/aobpla/plaa017