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Jubilee book – Bergen's Arboretum 1971–2021

Living Museum and Botanical Treasury. 50 years of the Arboretum at Milde

The Arboretum at Milde turns 50 years old. Half a century of painstakingly constructed collections, with national expertise in trees, shrubs, heather and roses, with beautiful, exciting and unexpected nature experiences, with recreation and time for reflection.

Arboretet 50 år
Bjørn Moe

Main content

It has been 50 years since Crown Prince Harald planted an oak (the "royal oak") on May 27th, 1971, thus marking the official opening of the Arboretum. This event followed years of work and planning, overseen by Fritz C. Rieber. Why was an arboretum established at Milde, and what should it include? This is described in detail in the anniversary book.

Here is the story of how the Arboretum came to be and how it has evolved over the years: into a botanical treasure trove and a highly vibrant museum. The story is richly illustrated with pictures of what you can find and experience there today - and of course with thoughts and ideas about what the Arboretum can and should be in the future.

The Arboretum is perhaps best known for its rhododendrons, and it is natural that this is covered in detail. The book deals with the different seasons, and what you can experience of plants, attractions and how the area can be used for recreation and outdoor life. The book tells the story of the Arboretum's friends association and the importance of volunteer work. What is the nature of the collaboration between the Norwegian Arboretum Foundation and the University of Bergen, and why was the Botanical Garden also established at Milde? You will find answers to these questions and much more in the book that was launched on Arboretum Day on 29th August this year.

The Friends of the Arboretum have received a discount on purchases of the book, and can give copies to members who have paid the annual fee without further cost. It is also on sale, and can be bought at bookstore Norli for NOK 450.