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Securing the dying oak at the Rosarium

In an arboretum, all trees are important, both the living and the dying. We have secured one of the oak trees above the Rosarium that is dying back.

Barduner for det gamle treet, bores i stein
Anchoring points are attached to the rock to secure the tree.
Stefan Reimann

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The Norwegian climate can be brutal, and wind and weather will wear down the trees over time. Securing or bracing is used to preserve old trees. This prevents and reduces the risk of sudden breakage. We aim to preserve old trees out of consideration for their ecological value.

This large old oak in under attack by fungi and will continue to die in the next few years. It is nevertheless valuable, both for biological diversity and in teaching about the decomposition of wood. This tree is full of life and we want the tree to stand as long as possible. The tree has had a lot of weight on the part facing the heritage rose collection (den historiske bakken). Therefore, we have taken down some branches whilst at the same time adding anchoring points to fulfill our responsibility for safety for the general public in the rosary. The aim is to counteract high winds, which could otherwise further damage or overwhelm the root system.