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Doktorgrader 2011

2011 Doktorgrader


   Doktorgrader 2011

8.12Matteo Gennaro3D seismic stratigraphy and reservoir characterization of the Chalk Group in Norwegian Central Graben, North Sea


Michal JanockoDeep-water sinuous channels: their development and architecture
 25.11Ronghua WangExperimental investigations of magnetization processes in Chinese loess
 24.11Tatiana MatveevaSeismic network operations enhanced data processing and analysis
 18.11Maria K. Blinova Seismic study along the west Spitsbergen continental margin and adjacent area of the West Spitsbergen Fold and Trust Belt(Isfjorden)
 17.11 Audun LibakModeling of geophysical data from the area west of Bear Island, western Barents Sea.
 28.10Herbjørn P. Heggen”Archaeological geology and stratigraphy of Palaeolithic sites in northern Russia”
 24.10Erling Hugo Jensen “Methods for improved prediction of elastic, electrical and reservoir properties”
 21.10Kristian Vasskog ”Continuous and episodic sedimentation in western Norwegian fjord lakes – A Holocene climatic perspective”
 29.9Alexander Minakov "Structure and Evolution of the Northern Barents Sea - Lomonosov Ridge
Margins from a Multidisciplinary Geophysical Approach"
 23.8Aamir Ali  “Correlations between the effective permeability and seismic anisotropy of fractured reservoirs”
21.6Louise Bjerrum “Deterministic seismic hazard assessments through hybrid ground motion simulation:
Case studies for Wenchuan, China and İzmir, Turkey”
15.6Ali Shahraini”Characterization of fractured reservoirs by joint inversion of seismic and production data”
10.6Karoline Bælum”Geophysical and geological investigations of subsurface reservoirs -case studies of Spitsbergen, Norway”
26.5Eivind W.N.Støren”Identifying flood deposits in lake sediments - Changing frequencies and potential links to long-term climate change”
11.3Kosuke Ueda“Orogenic decay from collision to rifting – characteristics and implications of delamination illustrated by a case study of the East African-Antarctic Orogen in NE Mozambique”
 4.2Charlotte Faust Andersen”Quantifying the effects of sediment deposition and compaction on seismic properties”
28.1Tobias Kurz ”Integration of ground-based hyperspectral and lidar scanning in virtual outcrop geology”
7.1Jo Brendryen”A detailed chronological, sedimentological and tephrostratigraphical framework of a high resolution sediment core record from the Eastern Norwegian Sea spanning the two last glacial-interglacial cycles”