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System Dynamics is a method for model based analysis and policy design. It is applied in almost all areas of research and planning and is used to guide information search, to formulate models, perform analysis, and to facilitate learning and policy implementation.

The method helps solve complex problems within disciplines and it provides a unifying language that stimulates and facilitates inter- and transdisciplinary work and education.

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The Post-growth Group at UiB

This post looks at the new student led group looking at the socioeconomic concepts of post-growth and degrowth and how they relate to System Dynamics. It provides insight on how students can engage more deeply in the System Dynamics methodology outside of the classroom and relate it to issues of...

PhD Project

Towards a Post-Normal Integrated Assessment Modelling Praxis to Democratise Climate Policy Response

In my PhD project, I seek to advance a methodological framework for integrated assessment modelling that narrows the gap between modellers/scientists and model users/real people, beyond the science-policy nexus.

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Tackling the obesity crisis in Europe – findings from the CO-CREATE project.

This week, a series of scientific papers from CO-CREATE (EU-funded project), focusing on combatting obesity among adolescents, have been featured in special issue published by Obesity Reviews.

Participants BSRS 2023

A face-to-face summer research school, at last!

This week, more than 70 PhD students from all over the world assemble in Bergen for the annual Bergen Summer Research Schools—for the first time since the pandemic.


Study System Dynamics

Master's students explain why they study system dynamics, what a master project in system dynamic could be, what valuable lessons they have learned and how they plan to use system dynamics after the studies.