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Dr. Razia Fatima featured on TDR Global's compendium

Former PhD candidate at the University of Bergen, Razia Fatima is one of fifteen female researchers interviewed by TDR Global at WHO's publication: Women in Science: A Storytelling Showcase.

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Dr. Razia Kaniz Fatima defended her doctoral dissertation at the University of Bergen in October 2015. Her supervisor was Professor Sven Gudmund Hinderaker at the Centre for International Health.

Fatima's project was to calculate how many patients with tuberculosis that were not treated in the Pakistani tuberculosis program.

She organized tuberculosis campaigns in slum areas where health services were limited, and engaged private doctors to find new patients.

In the publication “Women In Science - A Storytelling Showcase”, she talks about her academic journey from Rawalpindi, the neighboring city of Islamabad, via London and Bergen, to her current position as Head of Research at the Common Management Unit for AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria in the Pakistan Ministry of Health. 

More information about TDR Global, which is a research department within the WHO, can be read here.