Centre for International Health

Research Projects at CIH

The Centre for International Health is involved in numerous interdisciplinary projects with partners from many countries and continents.

Information about research projects at CIH is organised under a number of different research themes. Some projects may be listed under more than one theme. For information about a CIH research project, go to the appropriate theme below.

The projects are funded by different organisations such as the The Research Council of Norway (RCN), Norad (NORHED), EU etc.

For recently completed projects, see list here.

Non-Communicable diseases

This research theme includes a number of non-communicable diseases including Respiratory Health and others.

Global Challenges

UiB has three areas of strategic focus. One of these is “Global Challenges”, which, in turn, focuses on Migration, Health and Inequality. Most of CIH’s research address topics that can be considered global challenges. The projects listed here focus primarily on areas of global challenges not included in the other CIH research themes.

Mother and Child Health

CIH has many research projects that focus on mother and child health. They formed the basis for the Centre of Excellence, CISMAC (Centre for Interventions Science in Maternal and Child Health).

Network Secretariats

CIH is responsible for the Secretariat for two large national networks in Global Health.