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NORHED II research projects

NORHED II 2021-2026

CIH researchers received funding for 5 NORHED II projects for the period 2021-2026.


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Norad supports North-South-South university partnerships for projects on capacity development in higher education and research, through NORHED II. NORHED is the Norwegian Programme for Capacity Development in Higher Education and Research for Development. NORHED aims to strengthen the capacity of higher education institutions in developing countries to produce higher-quality graduates, more and higher-quality research, and more inclusive higher education.

from the NORHED II website:


Programme intended impact

The intended impacts of the NORHED programme are:

  • Better qualified workforce
  • Applied sustainable solutions and practices
  • Evidence-based policies
  • Enhanced gender equality and inclusion

Intended NORHED outcome

Interventions under the NORHED programme are expected to enable partner institutions in developing countries to produce:

  • Higher-quality graduates
  • More and higher-quality research
  • More inclusive higher education

All projects supported under NORHED need to have a theory of change that clearly shows how the project will lead to the intended outcomes in the NORHED programme framework.

NORHED II gives priority to 12 partner countries.

These are all represented in the new programme portfolio, with the exception of one project in the Sahel region. Most projects are regional with strong South-South elements, and some even with partners across continents such as a project including Bangladesh, Nepal, Mozambique and Uganda. Others are in-country, where so-called “strong” institutions collaborate with younger and less established institutions.

A total of 60 projects have been awarded funding under the NORHED II call for proposals, 5 were from CIH.

  • Bernt Lindtjørn: “South Ethiopia Network of Universities in Public Health II (SENUPH II)”.
  • Anne Hatløy: “GROWNUT-2”.
  • Thorkild Tylleskar: “iCARTA – Institutionalisation of Advanced Research Training in Africa”.
  • Ana Lorena Ruano: “SALHSA - Strengthening Agency & Learning across Health Systems in the Americas”.
  • Bente Elisabeth Moen: "SAFEWORKERS – Safe Work Conditions by Innovative Research and Education”.

From IGS:

  • Thomas Mildestvedt: "PRICE - Strengthening Health Systems through Primary Care leaders Education"

From Global Challenges:

  • Tore Sætersdal: Water ESSENCE Africa - creating synergy to meet the global challenges
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