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Institute Board and Commitees at Department of Earth Science

As advisory and preparatory committees in support of the head of department, there are institute councils, research education committees, program boards and the students' specialist committees.

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Institute Board:

The Department Council is elected. The other committees are appointed by the head of department. The committees often follow the same period as the institute council. Group A and C are selected for 4-year periods. Group B and D never sit more than 1 year at a time.

Group A: Permanent scientific staff
Group B: Temporary academic staff including PhD
Group C: Technical and administrative staff
Group D: Students


Members of the Institute board 2022Deputy for the Institute board:

Group A:   
Leader: Atle Rotevatn

  • Anna Nele Meckler
  • William Shedd Helland-Hansen
  • Desiree Lisette Roerdink
  • Stephane Rondenay

Group A: 
For leader: Berit Oline B. Hjelstuen 

1. Mathilde Bøttger Sørensen 
2. Isabelle Christine Lecomte
3. Eoghan Reeves
4. Henk Keers

Group B:   

  • Therese Rieckh
Group B:   

1. Hakan Heggernes
2. Helene Meling Stemland

Group C:    

  • Emilie Randeberg
  • Irene Heggstad
Group C: 
1. Olav Audun Bjørkelund

Group D:   

  • Julie Pytterud
  • Eirik Fyran Siira
  • Alette Kleven
Group D:   

1. Ole Skår Jøsok
2. Stine Grindheim

    Safety representative (with the right to attend):   

    Leo Zijerveld (vara: Lubna Sami Jawad Al-Saadi)
    Secretary:    Administrasjonssjef Andrea Grimnes



    Medlemmer Forskerutdanningsutvalget 2024

    Gruppe A:

    Geodynamikk og bassengstudier: Joachim Jacobs (leder) - vara: Ritske Huismans
    Kvartærgeologi & Paleoklima: Henriette Linge - vara: 
    Geokjemi og geobiologi: Eoghan Reeves - vara: 
    Geofysikk: Morten Jakobsen - vara: Lars Ottemöller

    Gruppe B:  Hakan Heggernes - vara: Ingvild Aarrestad

    Sekretær:   Anders B. Kulseng


    Program Board BSc and MSc programmes in Earth Science

    Members Spring 2024

    Group A:

    Head of Education: Berit Oline Hjelstuen (Vara: Isabelle Lecomte)
    Quaternary Geology and Paleoclimate: Jostein Bakke (Vara: Andreas Born)
    Geophysics: Stephane Rondenay
    Geochemistry and Geobiology: Bjarte Hannisdal (Vara: Desiree Roerdink)
    Geodynamics og Basin Studies: Isabelle Lecomte (Vara: William Helland-Hansen)

    Gruppe D:   

    • Julie Christoffersen
    • Julie Sel Herikstad                    

    Observatører med talerett:

    • Observatør med talerett: Pernille Eyde Nerlie (study section), Anders B. Kulseng (study section), Vilde Dimmen (study section), Thomas Thuesen (iEarth co-ordinator), Atle Rotevatn (Head of Department)           


    Vilde Dimmen



    HSE-Committee at Geo

    Gruppe A: 

    Gruppe B: Thomas Thuesen 

    Gruppe C: Olav Audun Bjørkelund, Stig Monsen

    Gruppe D: Anna Katharina von der Ahe and Carl August Brechan  Vara: Oda Kleveland and Julie Christoffersen

    Observatør: Verneombud: Leo Zijerveld, Varaverneombud: Lubna Sami Jawad Al-Saadi, Overingeniør Siv Hjorth Dundas

    Sekretær: Andrea Grimnes


    Student Committee at GEO - Fagutvalget

    Students at the Department of Geosciences are looked after by the important work that the Geosciences subject committee does.
    The subject committee is the students' welfare body that connects the students with the department. The subject committee has representatives on the department council and the program board and represents the students' cause in these committees.

    They hold GEOrakel, in odd-numbered weeks, in the basic GEO subjects. Here you can have a waffle while you work.

    The subject committee also organizes the master's students' reading room places and arranges academic and social meeting evenings during the semester, and makes order lists for the "Room-B-Porphyr" kitchen.

    The subject committee elects representatives shortly after New Year's each year. Invitations to the meeting are sent out by email and on social media in advance of the meeting.

    Here are the new board:

    Carl August Brechan (Carl.Brechan@student.uib.no)
    ● Leder
    ● Lesesalsansvarlig
    ● Programstyre-representant vara

    Julie Christoffersen (Julie.Christoffersen@student.uib.no)
    ● Nestleder
    ● Lesesalsansvarlig
    ● Programstyrerepresentant

    Helle Dahl (hedah6438@uib.no
    ● SoMe ansvarlig
    ● Mjøllnir-kontakt

    Julie Sel Herikstad (juh014@uib.no)
    ● SPE kontakt
    ● Seismologen
    ● Programstyrerepresentant

    Helene Monsen (helene.monsen@outlook.com)
    ● SoMe ansvarlig
    ● Lesesalsansvarlig

    Kristoffer Jørgensborg (Kristoffer.Jorgensborg@student.uib.no)
    ● HMS-kontakt
    ● iEarth-kontakt
    ● Arrangementsansvarlig

    Lenva Fatah (lefat8036@uib.no)
    ● Økonomiansvarlig
    ● Sponsoransvarlig

    Linus Bjørke (libjo8051@uib.no )
    ● Programstyre-representant vara
    ● Arrangementsansvarlig
    ● RU kontakt

    Silje Trohjell (str009@uib.no)
    ● Sponsoransvarlig
    ● RU kontakt vara
    ● HMS kontakt vara

    Stein Sagabråten (stsag3706@uib.no)
    ● Arrangementsansvarlig
    ● Økonomiansvarlig

    I tillegg er det representanter i instituttets instituttråd valgt frem til august her.

    Lunsjrom "Rom-B-Porfyr" ansvarlig: Fagutvalget

    Mail: Fagutvalg@geo.uib.no

    Nettside: gfu.b.uib.no

    Geovitenskapelig Fagutvalg uib (facebook)

    The board for the GEO students line association Mjøllnir:

    Mjøllnir is the line association for Geo Science students at the Department of Earth Science, at UiB.
    Mjøllnir is run on a volunteer basis by and for students, and works continuously to create as good a social and professional geoscience environment as possible at the University of Bergen.

    Mjøllnir's purpose is to establish a social network across cohorts and fields of study within the various fields of study, and especially within the fields of study at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences.

    All members in Mjøllnir are voted for by the geology students at the Department of Geosciences. An annual meeting is organized once a year (at the start of the autumn semester), where the members of Mjøllnir's board are voted on. At the annual meeting, the roles of each of the individual positions are also presented.

    We arrange week-ends, company presentations, Christmas parties, cabin tours, excursions, themed parties and lots of other fun!

    Here is the new board:

    Kristian WiikLederKristian.Wiik@student.uib.no
    Bjørnar UlfengNestlederBjulf8603@student.uib.no
    Sara NyenØkonomiansvarligSanye7704@student.uib.no
    Tiril LancealotPromoteringsansvarligTilan7521@student.uib.no
    Synne VignesArrangementsansvarligSyvig3973@student.uib.no
    Eirin GimmestadArrangementsansvarligEigim5156@student.uib.no
    Benjamin DavisSponsoransvarligBedav0172@student.uib.no
    Marie FarbrotSponsoransvarligMafar7560@student.uib.no
    Jonathan BerghNexus RepresentantJober8818@student.uib.no
    Marius SandangerNexus RepresentantMasan5052@student.uib.no
    Nils Henrik SimonsenNettside/SoMe AnsvarligNisim3470@student.uib.no
    Magnus Nes PytterudØvrig medlemMagnus.Pytterud@student.uib.no
    Even Undheim SerigstadØvrig medlemEvser4442@student.uib.no
    Emma Oline BraarudØvrig medlemEmbra9649@student.uib.no

    Lenke til Student Bergen
    Lenke til Instagram
    Lenke til facebook
    Lenke til LinkedIn


    The board for the GEO students line association Seismologen:

    The seismologist is the geophysics line association at the Department of Geosciences, UiB.
    The seismologist is run by and for the students, to provide as good a study environment as possible.

    The seismologist often works with the geology students' line association, Mjøllnir, to ensure the best possible cohesion at Geoscience. Several social events are organized during the year, both on the course and next to it. Annual Geolympics are organised, in addition to toast Thursdays, barbecues, various tournaments and other festivities!

    Kaja Anderssen SørengLederKaja.Soreng@student.uib.no
    Ragnhild JordeNestlederragnhild.jorde@student.uib.no
    Lisa TysseØkonomiansvarligLisa.tysse@student.uib.no
    Ina RefsnesSosiale medier ansvarligina.refsnes@student.uib.no
    Åste InstanesArrangement ansvarligAste.instanes@student.uib.no
    Tiffany Ewa AjayiArrangement ansvarligTiffany.Tijani-Ajayi@student.uib.no
    Vilde MyhreNæringslivsansvarligvilde.myhre@student.uib.no
    Leo Antoni Dominik PichlerNexus representantleo.pichler@student.uib.no
    Juan Carlos Gomez AchingSponsor ansvarligjuan.aching@student.uib.no
    Liv Pham NestaasØvrige medlemliv.nestaas@student.uib.no
    Malte SallanØvrige medlemmalte.sallan@student.no
    Johanne RokstadØvrige medlemjohanne.rokstad@student.uib.no
    Christina UlvedalØvrige medlemchristina.ulvedal@student.uib.no
    Mathilde Ødegaard JohnsenØvrige medlemmathilde.o.johnsen@student.uib.no

    Link til facebook: https://www.facebook.com/seismologen

    Link til LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/seismologen/

    E-post: Seismologen@gmail.com

    iEarth - Senter for Integrert Geovitenskapelig utdanning

    iEarth wants to promote a student-focused and innovative learning environment that empowers geoscience students to meet complex societal challenges.
    iEarth actively supports students by contributing to and developing their education. This is done by promoting active learning, and fostering collaboration between students and staff on course and curriculum development.
    We work for an approach where students can participate, which contributes to a sense of shared ownership, collaboration, lifelong learning and a better education.
    The student organization in iEarth (departments at UiB, UiO, UiT and UNIS): a place where students can meet and discuss, initiate and drive the development of the education.
    At UiB we have various events such as GEOrakel, Career Day, pub lectures, subject evaluation and other workshops throughout the semester.

    Here is the list of members:

    Siri TunglandLeadersitun3708@uib.no 
    Kaja Friis RuudDeputyKaja.Ruud@student.uib.no 
    Fredrik PaulsenGeorakelFredrik.paulsen@student.uib.no 
    Elias HallelandGeorakelElhal9607@uib.no 
    Lars Andreas HusebyEconomylahus0035@uib.no 
    Ada MascoloSoMeada.mascolo@student.uib.no 
    Vegard PettersenSocialvpe020@uib.no 
    Amalie AndersenCourseamand4342@uib.no 
    Jacob Nygaard Coursejanyg6726@uib.no 
    Ann Emelie HaugebergMemberAnhau9925@uib.no 
    Ingrid HelleMemberingrid.helle@student.uib.no 
    Karoline TysnesMemberkaroline.tysnes@student.uib.no 
    Tiril SundalMembertisun1558@uib.no