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Earth Model Award 2018

Master's student from UiB Geo wins the Earth Model Award

Feltarbeid med drone i Brushy Basin-leddet i Utah. Foto: Christian Haug Eide
Field work with a drone in the Brushy Basin Member in Utah
Christian Haug Eide

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The Department of Earth Science is pleased to announce that our former Master's student Aasmund Løvestad has won the first prize in the Earth Model Award 2018, which is awarded by Landmark with support of the Geological Society of London. It is awarded for the thesis 'Mudstone-rich Fluvial Systems as Reservoirs: The Brushy Basin Member of the Morrison Formation, Eastern Utah', which he did under the supervision of associate professor Christian Haug Eide. In the thesis, Aasmund wanted to find out how mudd-rich river deposits act as reservoirs. Therefore, he investigated outstanding outcrops of the Jurassic Brushy Basin Member in Utah, using drones, modeling programs, and good old-fashioned fieldwork. The thesis was funded by the Trias North project.

The prize is $ 2500, and also covers travel and accommodation to the Life 2019 conference in Houston, USA, where Aasmund will present the findings of the study. $ 2500 also goes to the Department of Earth Science, where the funds will be used for student learning activities.
The Earth Model Award was established as the Neftex Earth Model Award in 2012, in affiliation with the Geological Society of London, to foster the link between industry and academia by rewarding excellence in Master’s level research.
Aasmund has worked as a geologist with AkerBP since the thesis was completed in 2018.
The thesis is available at BORA, Bergen Open Research Archive here.