Department of Earth Science
Master's project - Climate, Environment

Decadal changes in mass at Folgefonna glacier

This Master's project is available from the intake of Autumn 2023. Contact the listed supervisors for more information.

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Project description
This project will involve analysing historical aerial photography collected over Folgefonna glacier since the mid-20th century. The student will use photogrammetry and topographic analysis in order to generate digital elevation models (DEMs) for roughly each decade. These DEMs will then be intercompared in-order to derive volume changes and geodetic mass balances of the entire Folgefonna ice cap. Such changes are interesting from both a climate point of view, but also a hydropower point of view.

Proposed course plan during the master's degree (60 ECTS):
Several courses will be decided between student and supervisors during the start-up week. 

Must have knowledge of GIS. Prior knowledge of remote sensing would be an advantage

Thesis work
This will be a computer based project