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Working with radiation and radiation protection

Use of radioactive sources can cause harm to both people and environment, and work with radioactive sources are regulated by several laws and regulations.

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High energy radiation has high penetration capacity and such radiation can cause health damage. Before starting work on radiation sources, it is therefore a prerequisite that sufficient training has been obtained in the work with radiation and radiation protection.
At UiB, radiation sources are used for both research and teaching. Everyone who uses radiation sources is obliged to familiarize themselves with the UiB's guidelines for radiation protection and the use of radiation at UiB.
In units where radiation sources are used, the line manager shall appoint a local radiation protection coordinator and work involving radiation sources to be risk assessed. Line manager in collaboration with local radiation protection coordinator shall ensure that employees who are to use radiation sources have adequate training and ensure that the correct protective equipment is available.

Employees working with ionising radiation are required to register their work in an exposure register. At UiB we use the exposure register EcoExposure.



Any use of and work with radiation shall be based on the following basic principle:

  • All work with radioactive sources must be well justified. This means that the benefit from the use of radiation must be greater than the risk.
  • Work with radioactive sources should follow the ALARA principle (As Low As Reasonably Achievable).
  • Any use of radiation must be optimised.
  • The dose limits provided in the Radiation Protection Regulations and in Appendix 2 of the regulation must not be exceeded.


The annual dose limit is 20 mSv for occupational exposure and for others (the population in general) the dose limit is 1 mSv.  The dose limit must never be exceeded. In the event that occupational exposure may mean doses exceeding 6 mSV per year, the individual must undergo regular health checks.