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Appeals regarding examinations at the Faculty of Law

Appeals regarding grade awards are regulated by the University and University Colleges Act. You can appeal against formal errors relating to examinations (Section 5-2) and/or regarding grade awards (examination results) (Section 5-3).

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The reassessment of examination grades are "blind" (see Section 5-3(4) of the Universities and University Colleges Act), and you therefore cannot give reasons for your appeal. The appeals procedure is carried out by two new examiners who do not know either the original grade or the reasons for it. The assessment of the appeal examiners may of course differ from the assessment you obtained from the original examiner, person with course responsibility, level controller or other academics either in or outside the faculty.

You submit your appeal against the examination result at your own risk, and the result of the appeal may be either favourable or unfavourable – or the original grade may stand. The outcome of the appeal against the examination result is final, and you cannot therefore appeal it.

The appeals procedure normally takes 3-5 weeks from the deadline for appeals. You will find the outcome under Exam results on Studentweb. No written confirmation of the reasons for decisions concerning appeal cases will be given, but you can request an appointment over the phone in the in the same way as for ordinary grades if you so wish.

How do I appeal? 

Submitting an appeal

Students at the Faculty of Law must appeal against grade awards through Studentweb. Select the "More" tab from the menu at the top. Then click "Exam appeals" and then the relevant course. Click on the box "Appeal against grade" to register your appeal.

The grade for the course you are appealing about will be blocked in Studentweb within no more than three working days after the deadline for appeals. This enables you to check that the appeal is being processed.

Withdrawing an appeal

If you wish to withdraw your appeal, this can be done in the same place on Studentweb. Appeals against examination results can be withdrawn until a new grade award has been made and published on Studentweb.

If you run into any problems, send an e-mail to klagesensur.jurfa@uib.no.


The deadline for appealing your grade (the grade award) is three weeks after you receive the justification for the grade. A common start date for the deadline is set to the last scheduled student appointment time - see the course’s appointment time form in “Mitt UiB” to calculate the deadline for appeals. If you believe you are entitled to a longer deadline, you must document this yourself.

See also UiB's guidelines for handling appeals against examination results. Information about grading dates and appointment times can be found in "Mitt UiB".

Specific information concerning changes to two or more grades 

On 1 July 2018, the law was amended through the addition of a new sixth paragraph to Section 5-3 of the Universities and University Colleges Act:

“If the result of the re-grading varies from the original grading by two or more grades, the educational institution must conduct a further assessment before the final grade is determined.”

This does not mean that the final appeal decision cannot differ by two grades or more, simply that the decision has undergone quality assurance. The Control Commission will therefore not carry out a third grading, but a further review of the exam, where the exam is reviewed and the commission arrives at a unanimous decision.

The Appeals Commission must consist of the original examiner, one of the appeal examiners and the person with course responsibility. They have access to all existing information, and must determine the final grade for the exam.

The Commissions must complete their work before the reassessment of the examination grade for the course is published – the reassessment of the examination grade will therefore not be delayed as a result of this.

How do I appeal formal errors?

You can also appeal formal errors in your exam (see Section 5-2 of the Universities and University Colleges Act). The deadline for appeals is set to three weeks after you became aware of - or should have become aware of - the relevant error in the assignment/the examination.

Appeals against formal errors must be written in free text and sent to post@jurfa.uib.no by the relevant deadline.