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Principles for Core Facilities

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The core facilities at The Faculty of Medicine have been established to support the Faculty's research. To ensure competitiveness when it comes to external funding, it is strategically important that we have professional administration, management and technical skills that ensures effective exploitation of this important infrastructure, both regionally and nationally. This in turn will enable us to participate in international collaborations on infrastructure.

In accordance with the Faculty's strategy, the faculty has organised important parts of its infrastructure in eight core facilities. The idea is that these will be able to provide open and available state-of-the-art infrastructure. This increases availability for the users, and ensures stability and predictability in terms of finance and running of the facilities.

All our core facilities are organised in accordance with the following principles:

  • All the core facilities are located at and run by one department on behalf of all users.
  • The leaders of the core facilities are scientists who have their own research portfolio.
  • Each core facility has technical personnel with high competence and nescessary administrative support.
  • All core facilities have a user group.
  • The core facilities are partly financed by user payment, but also by financial models that ensure reinvestment and renewal of equipment.