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New research projects funded by the Research Council of Norway

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"I would like to congratulate the research communities who have received funding", says Rector Margareth Hagen.

She hopes many UiB researchers will have the opportunity to realize their research ideas through this funding.
"We know that many people have worked hard for this, and that the competition is fierce", she says.

In August and September 2022, the Research Council announced which projects will receive funding in the "Researcher Project" application category.

The purpose of this funding scheme is renewal and development in research that can contribute to moving the international research frontier. The funding is given to researchers within all disciplines and research areas who have demonstrated the ability to carry out research of high scientific quality, under various thematic programs or in the category "Frontier research".

Here you will find an overview of UiB projects funded: 

Principal InvestigatorProject titleFunding in NOK
Claire Ghetti, The Grieg Academy, Department of Musicounding Relation: Use of music microanalysis to explore parental contributions to premature infant regulation in the neonatal context11 732 000

Line Iden Berge, Department of Global Public Health and Primary Care

Virtual darkness and digital phenotyping in specialized and municipal dementia care: The DARK.DEM randomized controlled trial.10 621 000 
Hans Peter Marti,
Department of Clinical Medicine
Single Cell Data-derived European Study for Personalised Management of Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) in Children and Adolescents12 000 000
Ingvild Fossgard Sandøy
Department of Global Public Health and Primary Care
Effectiveness of peer counseling in addressing psychological distress and exposure to violence among LGBTI population in Nepal   12 000 000
Melanie Regine Hack,
Faculty of Law
Life and Work in Balance: Legal responses to working life in times of change and crisis (LaW-BALANCE)9 999 000
Linda Gröning,
Faculty of Law
Assessments about children's criminal insanity and violence risk: Exploring and advancing the recognition of children's development.12 000 000
Anders Goksøyr,
Department of Biological Sciences
Whales and polar bear in a petri dish: decoding marine mammal toxicology through in vitro and in silico approaches – Marma-detox12 000 000
Ingrid Halland
Department of Linguistic, Literary and Aesthetic Studies
How Norway Made the World Whiter12 000 000
Scott Rettberg
Department of Linguistic, Literary and Aesthetic Studies
Extending Digital Narrative12 000 000
Nils Halberg, Department of Biological SciencesEpigenetic Control of Obesity-induced Tumor Initiation in Breast Cancer9 600 000
Vebjørn Ekroll, Department of Psychosocial ScienceThe illusion of empty blind zones: How things may seem to appear out of nowhere in magic shows and road accidents9 600 000
Ruth Brenk, Department of BiomedicinePaving the way for rational RNA-ligand design9 599 200
Eystein Husebye, Department of Clinical SciencePathogenesis of autoimmune Addison’s disease and polyendocrine syndromes – identifying pathologies and pathways for future treatment9 600 000
Patrick Steinmetz, Sars International Centre for Marine Molecular BiologyThe nutritional regulation of cellular quiescence in animals7 908 800
Marius Årthun, Geophysical InstituteOverturning circulation in the new Arctic11 663 000
Ellen Christine Røyrvik, Department of Clinical ScienceThe People of Norway (Norges befolkning)8 400 000
Kristine Jørgensen, Department of Information Science and Media StudiesUnderstanding Male Gamers12 000 000
Marios Chatzigeorgiou, Sars International Centre for Marine Molecular BiologyMapping the sensory processes underlying settlement and metamorphosis in a marine environment using the protochordate Ciona intestinalis.6 496 800
Nathalie Reuter, Department of ChemistryLife at the periphery: the workings of proteins at the surface of cell and organelle membranes9 600 000
Sushma Grellscheid, Department of Biological SciencesFlickerPRINT for Monitoring Intracellular Droplet Organelles9 548 400
Nikolai Lehtinen, Department of Physics and TechnologyGamma-ray-glow Effects on Atmospheric Electricity and Chemistry12 000 000
Category: International mobility grant:
Sonja Wahl, Geophysical InstituteSnow D-excess OriGin Study4 300 000
Category: Young talents:   
Cecilia Nordgren, Department of Physics and TechnologyWhy, how, and where do magnetic fields discharge?7 495 000



Recently, these projects received funding in the application category 'Competence and collaboration projects' in Global Health:

Cecilie Svanes
Department of Global Public Health and Primary Care
Pesticides and exposures from traditional textile industry associated with own and offspring health in indigenous Guatemalan communities12 000 000
Tor Arne Strand
Department of Global Public Health and Primary Care
Toxic exposures in early life, growth, and development: An exposome study in Nepal12 000 000

Alicia Barraclough, Department of Biological Sciences

Adaptive co-management to enhance biocultural diversity and sustainable development in coastal communities13 672 000