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The candidate will give a trial lecture and defend his doctoral thesis with the title: “The Characterization of Disordered Membrane-Binding Proteins of Myelin: A Biophysical Approach"
A lecture on how to implement career development in PhD-training in the future.
A workshop on careers options, strategies & tactics for life scientists
Young research talent Nils Halberg gives a trial lecture for a faculty position in biomedicine.
"The role of AXL and the tumor microenvironment in cancer cell plasticity and therapy responses"
Professor Rolf Bjerkvig at the research group for translational cancer research explains how the researchers make miniature brains and investigate how the cells move in and out of tumor tissue
In the elective subject ELMED219, father and son Lundervold give an introduction to the secret of artificial intelligence and how it can be used in clinical work.
Monica Hellesviks winning poster “NAA80 knockout cells: Fast and Furious?” scores with elegant simplicity and effective communication of scientific results.