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Application forms in English for students in study programmes at the Faculty of Psychology.

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Leave of study

Applications for leave of study may be made where necessary, for one or two semesters. The reasons for the leave must be documented. Deadlines are 1 August for leave in the autumn semester and 1 January for leave in spring semester (illness / child birth / adoption excempted).

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Change of education plan

If you are delayed in your studies or need to study part-time, you may apply for a change of education plan. The reasons for the change must be documented. Deadlines are 1 September if you want the change to apply from the following autumn semester, and 1 February if you want the change to apply from the following spring semester.

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Supervision Agreement

All students at the Master's Programmes at the Faculty of Psychology must sign a supervision agreement with the department where they conduct their studies. The agreement must be signed no later than the 2nd semester of the programme.

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Reimbursement of expenses

You may apply for reimbursement of expenses regarding collection of data to your thesis or travels to your place of internship. Please remeber to have all your receipts at hand before going to application form. 

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Application for the loan of a dictionary

The Faculty of Psychology has a limited number of word-to-word dictionaries intended to be used during written exams at the faculty. Exchange students may apply to borrow a dictionary for this purpose. See also our information page about examinations.

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