Momentum delegate 2023

Lucas M. Jeno

Department of Education, Faculty of Psychology

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Lucas M. Jeno is an Associate Professor at the Department of Education. Jeno´s background is a Bachelor and Master´s degree in Pedagogy. Jeno started conducting research on how teachers' motivational styles impact student motivation and learning (BSc and MSc theses), and on to investigating antecedent factors contributing to students´ autonomous motivation (PhD thesis), and technology's role in motivation and learning (Postdoc project). Jeno´s current line of research is on the longitudinal effects of students´ motivation and the effect on academic adjustment, dropout, and psychological well-being.

Jeno is currently leading projects on technology (DIKU), teacher students´ motivation (HF-strategy), and evaluating the mentor project at UiB. Jeno is also a partner in an NFR project on the effect of technology on students' motivation and interest in species identification, and in a DIKU project on biology students´ work placement and its effect on learning and motivation.

Jeno employs primarily quantitative methods such as randomized experiments, and cross-sectional and longitudinal designs. Recently, however, Jeno has employed qualitative designs such as focus group interviews in his research to further understand how motivation develops.