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ViSmedia news from 2016-2021



Social Media are Changing the News Agenda

The Human Component Speaks

A Call for Privately Owned Data Accounts

Immersive Keynote in Italy

How can Deepfakes Impact the 2020 US Elections?

How can Students Best Learn Creativity and Responsible Risk Taking at the University?

Exploring News Reading With Eye-Tracking and Stress Measurements

Still haven't got around to read Nicholas Diakopoulos latest book?

Productive Workshop on Journalism From Above

Awarded for creating an excellent learning environment

Professor Astrid Gynnild got a special honor

Ethical Dilemmas of Immersive Journalism

Can Algorithms Create New Media Jobs?

Remote Female Fixation –A Grounded Theory on Semi Illegal Sharing of Nude Imagery Online

The (public) charm of everyday life: Self surveillance among Norwegian influencers

Automating the News

A Human-Robotic Symbiosis can be the Future of the Modern Newsroom

Encyclopaedia of Journalism

Expert Committee to map Children’s Exposure to Harmful Media Content

Professor Black Mirror

Can Deepfakes Impact the US Elections?

Students at the Vanguard of Innovation

The Rise Of Snapchat Journalism

Drone journalism is here to stay!

Norwegian Newspapers are Boring!

Send in the Drones

The Black Mirror of surveillance

The case of the missing cookies

Technology Takes Over Anyway, so Why Worry?

The Online Surveillance is Moving Offline as Well

Do Sex Robots Count Electric Sheep?

Spot the Fake Photo Through Photo Forensics

The Street Lights are Watching You

Images From Above

Digital Self-Defence Explained

This Years Highlight

Rector Dag Rune Olsen Opened the ViSmedia Conference

Facing Facts at the Airport

The Virtual Geek

Surveillance – The Foundation of a New Economic Paradigm

Visual Transparency in the Media 2019

5G Technology Will Most Likely Have Less Radiation Impact on Humans Than Previous Technologies

What is 5G? Connecting and Radiating Future Society

Verifying visual user-generated content in the news media


Immersive Journalism at Global Fusion 2018

Immersive journalism panel session at the ECREA2018

Immersive journalism seminar

ViSmedia fall seminar

Robots Should not be Treated Like Animals

Exploring VR journalism in higher education

Immersive Journalism seminar

New study examines manipulative aspects of migration maps

– Don’t change the story to fit the medium

Is Facebook Too Powerful?

Drone War Demands Debate

"Drones Will Change Society", Researcher Says

Synthesized Media Isn't All Bad

When Society Takes A Wrong Turn

Technological Development Is Beyond Human Control, Researcher Claims

New Drone Book Is Essential Reading, According to Review

A Book for Future Politics

How To Not Get Punked By Automation

Launching "Droner i sivilsamfunnet": Photos

Drones: Testing Freedom

Accessible Introduction To Data-Driven Storytelling

Launching Book About Drones in Civil Society

AI – Changing News and Emotions?

Stranger Danger is Very Much Real, According to Maren Myrseth

Media City workshop

Journalism is Caught Between Attention and Surveillance, American Professor Says

Syntesizing Faces and Emotions Through Neural Network Technology

Watching in the Media 2018

Prestigious Award to Deborah G. Johnson

ViSmedia Includes Students in Yearly Conference

New Routledge Book on Drones by ViSmedia Researchers

Coming Up: A "Weather Report" To Warn About Fake News

Consent Important in Online Research

The Photojournalism Discussion Continues

Uskali at Arctic Drone Lab Seminar

Seminar: Ethics in Internet Research at MCB

Social Media Can Accelerate Demonstrations, Researcher Says