Selmer Center in Secure Communication

Group photo 1 of current members at Selmer Center

The Selmer Center in Secure Communication is a research center at the University of Bergen, Norway, specializing in cryptography and security aspects of information and communication systems. It was opened on February 11, 2003, with the name in honor of Ernst S. Selmer, Prof. Emeritus (Here is an interview with him). The Selmer Center currently has 24 members with primary research fields including

  • cryptology: cryptography and cryptanalysis
  • coding theory and its application
  • cryptographic Boolean functions and discrete structures
  • quantum information theory and machine learning

A webpage dedicated to the Boolean Functions for Cryptography is maintained at https://boolean.w.uib.no

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Faculty Members ((Emeritus) Professors, Associate Professors, Adjunct Professors, Consultant)

  Lilya Budaghyan (Group Leader), Andrey BogdanovMatthew Geoffrey ParkerIgor A. SemaevChunlei Li, 

  Tor HellesethTorleiv Kløve ||  Claude CarletVincent RijmenSondre Rønjom

  Øyvind YtrehusKjell Jørgen Hole 

  Here you can find our current members (with PhD, Postdocs and Researchers) and our research interests

On-going research projects (from Research Council of Norway and Trond Mohn Foundation)

  Modern Methods and Tools for Theoretical and Applied Cryptology (23.1 MNOK, IKTPLUSS, RCN)

  Quantum Machine Learning (7.5 MNOK, FRIPRO, RCN)

  Constructions of Optimal Boolean Functions (24.3 MNOK, TMF)

Prof. Rijmen

RSA Award for Excellence in Mathematics

Professor Vincent Rijmen has received the RSA Award for Excellence in the Field of Mathematics. The award “recognizes innovation and ongoing contributions to the field of cryptography and mathematics”. Congratulations to Vincent!

Chunlei LI

IKTPLUSS Grant to SETA project

While the COVID-19 hits us badly, we can have some great news too. Chunlei has recently received a grant from the Research Council of Norway’s IKTPLUSS program on the call of ubiquitous data and services. Congratulations to Chunlei!


Lilya Budaghyan - Interview with the Trond Mohn Foundation

We have invented new methods to construct optimal cryptographic Boolean functions and created new families of optimal functions.

Anne Canteaut

An honorary doctor at UiB

Prof. Anne Canteaut is the scientific leader of the project-team SECRET at INRIA (National Institute for Research in Computer Science and Automation), and the chair of the Inria Evaluation Committee. She becomes one of the ten honorary doctors at the University of Bergen in 2019.