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Semester Fee

Some of you have to pay a semester fee, currently NOK 590 per semester.

Student Category:

Who:All students, except exchange students
Where: In a bank/ online bank
When: Deadline 1 September/ 1 February
What you need: Payment information on Studentweb

Why pay the semester fee?

The public institutions of higher education in Norway do not charge tuition fees. Still, students must pay a semester fee to the Student Welfare Organisation (Sammen). The semester fee finances Sammen's welfare services, which facilitate your everyday life and thus contribute to an efficient learning process. Sammen is a non-profit organisation and the allocation of profits within the organisation finances other parts of Sammen's welfare services. Students became automatically members of Sammen when they pay the semester fee and get entitled to a range of welfare services

How much is the semester fee?

The semester fee is NOK 590,- (as of autumn 2018). A part of the semester fee (NOK 40,-) is donated to the Norwegian Students' and Academics' International Assistance Fund (SAIH). If you for some reason do not wish to donate to SAIH, you can subtract NOK 40,- from the invoice amount and pay NOK 550,- (as of autumn 2015). If you wish to donate more, please visit the SAIH web site for more information.


Students on exchange programmes do not have to pay the semester fee. They are still entitled to the same services from Sammen through their exchange programme.

Find your invoice

Students who have to pay the fee have to:

  • Log on to Studentweb.
  • Choose Payments from the top left menu to display required payment information such as KID (customer ID-number), account number and amount.

Note: The correct KID must be used to ensure registration of the payment. A new KID will be given every semester.

Where to pay the semester fee

You can pay the fee with online banking. Alternatively you can bring the invoice to the payment counter in a bank or post office. Please note that banks and post offices require a small fee for payment of invoices.