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Semester Fee

Some of you have to pay a semester fee, currently NOK 590 per semester.

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Who:All students, except exchange students
Where: semesteravgift.uib.no
When: Deadline 1 September / 1 February
What you need: bank card

Why pay the semester fee?

The public institutions of higher education in Norway do not charge tuition fees. Still, students must pay a semester fee to the Student Welfare Organisation (Sammen). Sammen is a non-profit organisation and the allocation of profits within the organisation finances other parts of Sammen's welfare services. Students automatically become members of Sammen when they pay the semester fee and complete the semester registration, and get access to a range of welfare services, such as reasonably priced housing, sports, cafeterias, health and child care services, career and counselling services.

How much is the semester fee?

The semester fee is NOK 590 NOK. This includes a volountary payment to the Norwegian Students' and Academics' International Assistance Fund (SAIH) who works tp promote education in Africa, Asia and Latin America. The Student Union encourages all students to support SAIH. HoweverIf you for some reason do not wish to do so, you can remove the tick in the payment service and pay NOK 550,-.

If you wish to donate more, please visit the SAIH web site for more information.

If you have paid and want a refund, please see SAIH's online refund form.


Students on exchange programmes do not have to pay the semester fee. They are still entitled to the same services from Sammen through their exchange programme.

How do I pay the semester fee?

The payment will automatically be registered in Studentweb.

Questions about the payment?

If you for example wish to apply for refund or leave of abscence, or have question about the payment service, you will find your answer below.

Semester fee refund

You may apply for a refund

  • if you paid the semester fee but will not be studying at UiB this semester
  • if you are applying for a refund due to paid semester fee to a different student welfare organization

If you wish to apply for a refund of the semester fee, use the application form in UiBhjelp.

If you have paid 40 NOK to SAIH and wish to have it refunded, please fill in this form on the webiste of SAIH.

Deadlines for applying for a semester fee refund:

  • Fall semester: 1 September
  • Spring semester: 1 February

Semester fee in case of leave of abscence or part-time studies

Leave of abscence

You are not required to pay the semester fee or register for the semester(s) for which you have been granted leave of abscence from studies. Students on parental leave may choose to pay the semester fee and register.

Part-time studies

The semester fee is the same for full and part time programmes. This also applies if you have been granted permission to study part time in a full time programme.

Having trouble using the payment service?

If you are having problems using semesteravgift.uib.no, please describe the issue and send it to semesteravgift@uib.no