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The influence of fault complexities in fault permeabilities: Learning from history matching at Njord

This Master's project was designed for Martin Borgen who started his Master's program in Earth Sciences, UiB, in the fall semester 2023. The Master's project is given by the research group Geodynamics and basin studies.

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Project description

History matching of fault permeabilities are used to improve forecasting of reservoir performance in reservoir modelling studies. The results from such history matching can also be used to identify which faults that have permeabilities close to pre-production expectations, and which were less well understood. This thesis will attempt to explain the relationship between the pre-and post production understanding of the permeabilities of poorly constrained faults (Poorly constrained: either because they are poorly imaged or because the fault zones themselves are complex). The outcome of the thesis will be a better comprehension of what uncertainties are associated with complex or poorly imaged faults relative to less complex and better imaged faults.

The work will include work with the reservoir modelling software RMS and Eclipse, as well as with seismic data in Petrel.

Proposed course plan during the master's degree (60 ECTS):