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Fault permeabilities and column height controls in block 30/11 in the Norwegian North Sea

This Master's project was designed for Nicole Elisabeth Nilsen who started her Master's program in Earth Sciences, UiB, in the fall semester 2023. The Master's project is given by the research group Geodynamics and basin studies.

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Project description
Block 30/11 in the North Sea contains about 10 hydrocarbon discoveries. These discoveries in most cases span several (typically three) reservoir zones, with different fluid contacts and fluid overpressures in the reservoirs. The area thus contains a lot of information on across fault sealing, but the relationships are tricky to evaluate because each reservoir zone is often juxtaposed to several sands.

The Ph.D. thesis of Philipp Müller resulted in the invention of a new method for evaluation of such areas with complex and multiple juxtapositions. This thesis will expand the work of Muller in order to use pore pressure information to constrain fault permeabilities in the area. The work will include working with seismic data and a structural model in Petrel as well as working with Matlab-scripts (or Pyton) to describe the fluid flow pathways in the study area. Well logs and pore pressure data will be used to evaluate the accuracies of reported fluid contacts, and general knowledge of sedimentology will be used to evaluate the consequences of lithology changes within the individual reservoir zones.

Proposed course plan during the master's degree (60 ECTS):

External data:
Data from CGG.

Field- lab- and analysis work:
Access to seismic data interpretation facilities is required.