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The Faculty of Law visited partners in USA

Representatives of the Faculty of Law have been in the US to celebrate the 25 years annniversary of cooperating with Mitchell Hamline School of Law.

Det juridiske fakultet i USA.
The Faculty of Law in the US. From the left: Head of international relations Ingrid Tøsdal, Professor Ernst Nordtveit, Professor Gert Johan Kjelby, Dean and Professor Karl Harald Søvig, International relations coordinator Nathalie Gaulier and Faculty Director Øystein Iversen.

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In September a delegation from the Faculty of Law visited the US to celebrate  the 25-years anniversary for the cooperation between Mitchell Hamline School of Law in St. Paul, Minnesota and the Bergen Faculty of Law. The anniversary was celebrated with a joint seminar which had been postponed for two years because of the pandemic.

While celebrating the long standing relationship, the Faculty of Law also took the opportunity to honour and thank Professor Larry Bakken for his invaluable contribution to the cooperation, and for a job well done when teaching plentyfolds of studenst in the several classes he has offered at the Faculty of Law in Bergen over the years. When Professor Larry Bakken and Professor Ernst Nordtveit opened the joint seminar by sharing from the very beginning of the contact between the two institutions and telling the history of the cooperation, Professor Nordtveit said «You never forget your first love, and for Bergen that was Hamline».

Hamline University School of Law, which was later merged into Mitchell Hamline School of Law, was among the Bergen Faculty of Law's very first international partners and the collaboration with Hamline was instrumental in the early days of internationalising the Faculty of Law in Bergen in th early days.

In addition to visiting Mitchell Hamline, the delegation also visited the University of Minnesota Law School in Minneapolis, and American University Washington College of Law and George Washington University Law School, both in Washington DC. Minnesota Law and Washington College of Law are already long-term partners, while the visit to George Washington University was the first step towards a new partnership.