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Information about the Department of Clinical Medicine and The University of Bergen research administrative services, regulations and policies related to research.

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Important to know as a researcher at the University of Bergen

Legal Basis
All storage and use of personal research data must have a legal basis in form of a valid authorization from the Inspectorate (NSD) or Regional Committees for Medical and Health Research  Ethics (REC). The right approval authority for your project can be found under Joint research procedures with Helse Bergen HF (Routine 401A Initiation of research projects) and Ethics in research further down on this page.  Where the project manager cannot show a valid legal basis for the project, discrepancy processing may conclude that personal research data must be erased or made anonymous.

Secure data storage
All processing of personal research data at UiB can be stored on UiB's research server SAFE. Personal research data are defined as personal information under the Personal Data Act and health data by the Health Register Act and the Health Research Act. For more information see further down on this page under SAFE = Better Pesonal Data Protection in Research (In Norwegian only).

Data sharing
Disclosure of personal data between UiB employees and external partners must be formalized in an agreement between the University of Bergen and the processor institution. More information and templates for such agreements can be found under Joint research procedures with Helse Bergen HF further down on this page.

Information disclosure and transparency
All storage and processing of personal data for research purposes must be organized to safeguard the data subjects right to access information. Procedures to ensure obligations towards the data subject should be developed in each project. More information, see further down on this page under Joint research procedures with Helse Bergen HF.

When you apply for external funding / competitive funds you must involve your institution in the application process. If UiB is regarded as the responsible institution K1 must be involved in the application process, and budget must be established in cooperation with one of our economists.

Havard Hoel Aass (coordinator annum, projects) Havard.Aass@k1.uib.no 55585420

Elisabeth Bjerke (annum, projects, lab animal unit) Elisabeth.Bjerke@k1.uib.no 55977978

Mildrid Bønes Høgås (annum, projects, CCBIO) Mildrid.Hogas@k1.uib.no 55585440

Once you've got fundings K1 will creates a project number for you in theire administrative systems. K1 can help you with your orders via the purchasing and invoices systems. Contact one of K1 economists for more information.

High awareness of different ethical aspects in research is important, as integrity, impartiality and independence. Below is more information on ethics in research and policy on publishing and co-authorship.