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Follow-up during the PhD period

Registration, annual progress report, midway evaluation and extensions

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PhD registration on StudentWeb

All PhD Candidates must register on the StudentWeb before 1 February and 1 September every year. This is also when you register for classes and exams.

During the year, you can log onto StudentWeb to check the status of your training component, that your PhD contract period is up to date, supervisor information and if any leaves of absence have been correctly registered. Address changes can be registered on StudentWeb at any time. 


Annual Progress Report

Both candidate and main supervisor must submit an annual progress report every year. The reports should be separate and independent. A personal link is sent out by UiB e-mail, so if you don't check your UiB email regularly, please set up forwarding to your usual email account.

Deadline: 1 November

All candidates admitted before 1 July of the annual progress report, have to submit a report. 

The departments are responsible for following up on candidates who report delays or other problems, and the Programme committee for the PhD programme reviews the reports from the departments annually.

Midway Evaluation

All PhD candidates must complete a Midway Evaluation when they are half way through their planned PhD period. The midway evaluation is an important part of the quality assurance of progress in the PhD project, and will help candidates to complete the thesis within the time frame.


The PhD is normally of three years duration (full time). One cannot plan for a PhD taking longer than six years (at 50% progress), apart from Dual Competence in Dentistry, which could take up to eight years, depending on the speciality. 

On application, the agreement period may be extended. The application must include an explanation of what has been accomplished/published and what remains of the work towards the PhD degree. The application may only be granted if the faculty, after an overall assessment, finds that the project can be completed during the extension period. An affirmation from the supervisor and the basic academic unit about supervision during the period of extension must be presented. A clear plan with a detailed description of milestones showing the planned progress during the extension period must be enclosed so that the department can follow up with the candidate. In the event of an extension, the candidate must apply for approval of the training component before the expiry of the extension, if this has not already been done.

If the candidate has not applied for an extension by the expiry of the agreement period, the candidate’s rights are terminated without prior notice.