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Paola Mattei is a University Lecturer in Comparative Social Policy and Fellow of the European Studies Centre, St Antony's College, Oxford University. She has previously held postdoctoral research fellowship appointments at the University of Bremen, Germany, and London School of Economics
The Standing Group on Regulatory Governance of the European Consortium for Political Research awarded its second Giandomenico Majone Prize during its third biennial Conference held at the University College in Dublin, June 17-19. The prize commetee, composed of Prof. Per Lægreid (University of Bergen) Chair, Prof. Bronwen Morgan (University of Bristol) and Prof. Kutsal Yesilkagit (University of... Read more
Linda Sangolt with the Department of Administration and Organization Theory is the editor of the new book "Between Enlightenment and Disaster - Dimensions of the political Use of Knowledge". The book is number 19 in the series "Philosophy and Politics" published at the Peter Lang Publishing Group.