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New article in Scandinavian Political Studies by Haldor Byrkjeflot, Tom Christensen, and Per Lægreid.
Fredag den 13. desember hadde vi rosefest for 6 av våre masterstudenter som leverte masteroppgaven sin dette semesteret.
Professor Marit Skivenes, together with Prof. Tarja Pösö, Tampere University (Finland) and Dr. Kenneth Burns, University College Cork (Ireland) has received funding for an ESF Exploratory Workshop titled: "Socio-Legal Models of Care Order Proceedings in Europe". The workshop includes researchers from 9 countries and will be held in August 2014.
Both Ishtiaq Jamil and Steinar Askvik has contributed to this special issue of "Public Organization Review", which explores and analyzes governance and policy issues in South, Southeast and East Asia.
The article, Fostering in the welfare states of the US and Norway, aims to explore the differences between Norwegian and US welfare state ideologies, and if or how they are reflected in the respective foster care systems and in the daily practices of foster parents.