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Exams at the Faculty of Psychology

Here you will find information regarding examinations at the Faculty of Psychology.

Ung kvinne som avlegger eksamen på laptop i klasserom

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Examination plan

An overview of exam dates and exam locations is published on UiB's website at the beginning of each semester.


The examination results of an examination will be published on Studentweb later than three weeks after the examination date. For master's and master's theses, the examination deadline is 8 weeks.

Illness and examinations

Were you ill on the exam, or had another valid absence? You register this on UiB's page. The deadline is one week after the exam.

In connection with the corona pandemic, UiB has introduced temporary self-declaration in the event of a valid absence from an examination, cf. Temporary regulations on additions to regulations 16 February 2012 no. 872 on admission, studies, assessment and degrees at UiB. The self-notification scheme applies as long as the regulations apply.

When the exam results are published, you will see if you have received a valid absence from the exam. A valid absence does not count as an attempt at an exam.

Are you entitled to a new exam?

If you have a valid absence from a school exam (including school exams - at home) in a semester when the course was taught, you are entitled to a new attempt the following semester. We will sign you up for this exam, you will see that you are registered in Studentweb. You may also withdraw from the exam there.

If you have a valid absence for other forms of examinations or for a school exams in a semester without instruction, you are not entitled to a new examination, cf. UiB's study regulations § 6.11.

You are not entitled to a new exam, but want to retake the exam

If you want to retake the exam, either because you had a valid absence or to improve your grade, including a fail grade, you must sign up for the exam yourself the next time there is an ordinary exam. This presupposes that you have the required study rights, that any compulsory activities are valid and that you have not

Relevant regulations

UiB's study regulations (Chapters 6 and 7)

Faculty-specific rules (Chapters 6 and 7)

Other UiB rules for exams and grading

Act relating to universities and university colleges (especially the chapters from and including 3-9 to and including 5-3)