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On Monday 21 August, the fourth Bergen Exchanges conference opened with a special focus on legislation as a catalyst for social change regarding gender and sexuality.
Professor Hakan G. Sicakkan wants to strengthen research on migration and transnationality in Bergen as part of the University of Bergen's focus on global challenges, which is one of three focus areas in the university's strategy for 2016-2022.
The Faculty of Social Sciences contributes strongly within all three pillars of the focus area Global Challenges: global health, inequality and migration.
Imagine that you were to meet Bill Gates in a lift. You strike up a conversation and he asks you what you do. As it happens, you have just come up with an idea that you believe could change the world. In the approximately two minutes until the elevator reaches your floor, you decide to try to convince him that he should invest in your idea. What would you say?
UiB Global and CROP launch working paper series on global challenges.
Professor Terje Tvedt criticizes Social Sciences for being “water blind”.
The ninth Bergen Summer Research School 2016 kicks off Monday June 13 at Dragefjellet. World leading researchers and over one hundred PhD candidates from 40 countries will spend two weeks immersed in global challenges – this year related to water.
UiB receives funding to prepare eleven project applications for the new NORPART programme aimed at collaboration with partners in developing countries.
The Peder Sather Center for Advanced Study supports projects carried out by researchers at UC Berkeley in collaboration with researchers from eight Norwegian universities.
"Can law be used to save the climate?" asked researchers from the Bjerknes Centre and UiB at the Climate Summit in Paris.
New book from the SANORD network: "Knowledge for a Sustainable World: Southern African-Nordic contribution" - free download
Climate change and opportunities for sustainable business in East Africa
Quest for Global Sustainability: Climate Change, Science and the Oslo Principles
Deadline: 30 November 2015 for original, high-quality, alternative and critical academic manuscript
This autumn's seminar series will address topics explored by UiB Global's three research groups, from water and development; religious transformation; to how science can support the UN's new development goals.
Interested in films? Every Friday afternoon this semester, a Latin American film will be shown at UiB Global.
What is the role of Higher Education institutions and North-South collaboration in shaping the Post-2015 Development Agenda?