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A human rights based approach may make governments legally accountable for the political commitments made in the Sustainable Development Goals.
Is a sustainable society possible? With several open talks between June 15 and 27, the Bergen Summer Research School will seek to find out how.
University of Bergen celebrates 50 years of collaboration in research and education with the University of Khartoum this spring. The first Sudanese PhD candidate enrolled at UiB in 1970.
Get new perspectives on UN's Sustainable Delopment Goals and meet PhD candidates from all over the world.
Five years after the end of the bloody Civil War in Sri Lanka, its research community, local administrators and government work together to deal with the contamination of wells and groundwater systems in Jaffna.
Few people at the University of Bergen knows Makerere University in Uganda better than Thelma Kraft. She has facilitated collaboration and capacity building between UiB and "the Harvard of Africa" for fourteen years.
UiB Global offers four prospective post-doctoral researchers to develop research applications. APPLY BY MARCH 20, 2015.
Many targets have been met in several regions, but progress in other areas is far from sufficient. What strategies do we need for the global society of the future to ensure sustainable development, including for poor countries? This will be the theme for the summer research school in Bergen in 2015.
The University of Bergen is developing new knowledge and strengthening anthropological research in Ethiopia, Sudan and Uganda in an effort to deal with complexities related to their national borders.
Researchers at UiB and Birzeit University will study the uncontrolled urbanisation in Palestine and inform decision makers and organisations involved in urban planning on the West Bank.
In his new TV documentary, ‘The Nile Quest’, UiB Professor Terje Tvedt takes us on a spectacular journey through the history of the fabled river to today’s looming conflict over the control of the Nile’s precious but limited resource.
The Department of Social Anthropology in Bergen continues its exciting collaboration projects. Read more about them here!
This year’s list of plenary sessions is packed with exciting titles and original researchers.
Development expert urges Universities to help reflect on how the Millennium Development Goals (MDG) have influenced and distorted development policies and strategies.
UiB Global launces a seminar series for researchers and students engaged with development related challenges.
UiB has teamed up with universities in South Sudan, Tanzania and Uganda to develop the meteorological capacity of the three countries.
UiB Global offers an opportunity to prospective post-doctoral researchers to develop a project in the spring of 2014. Apply by April 7.
How does climate change influence the growth and spreading of malaria in Africa? This question is at the core of climate and malaria expert Torleif Markussen Lunde’s work.