Shaping European Research Leaders for Marine Sustainability (SEAS)
SEAS Fellows presentations

Meet UiBs first group of SEAS fellows

The SEAS postdoctoral programme - Shaping European Research Leaders for Marine Sustainability - invites you to an open day October 7. Are you interested in what the SEAS Programme is? Or in research on marine sustainability? Come and listen to our first group of SEAS fellows introduce themselves and their research.

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This year we welcomed the first of our postdoctoral fellows. Come and hear from them as they present themselves and their projects!

Everyone is welcome! The event will be at the University Museum, Natural History Building, Museeplassen 3, use the Main entrance (front door).
Each fellow will give a short overview of their background and proposed research. Coffee breaks will allow time for mingling and asking questions.

Programme for the day



Title of presentation

Department; supervisor; co-supervisor

9:00-9:15Amund Måge, Marine Director, UiBWelcome and introduction of the SEAS programme 
  Session 1 
9:20-9:35Aiste KlimašauskaitėTracing future production in marine sustainabilityCenter for the Study of the Sciences and the Humanities; supervisor Mimi E. Lam; co-supervisor Ragnhild Overå
9:40-9:55Juan Manuel Valero RodríguezEffect of climate change on northern fucoidsDepartment of Biological Sciences; supervisor team Kjersti Sjøtun & Øystein Varpe 
10:00-10:15Shreesha Sadashiva RaoThe dual transcriptomic approach to evaluate lumpfish response from Vibrio anguillarum biofilm cells.Department of Biological Sciences; supervisor Gyri Teien Haugland; co-supervisor Duncan John Colquhoun
10:20-10:40Coffee Break  
  Session 2 
10:45-11:00Leila NeimaneLaw and wind farms in the North and Baltic SeaFaculty of Law; supervisor Sigrid Eskeland Schütz
11:05-11:20Bashar Hussien ElkhorbatlyMathematical theory of water wavesDepartment of Mathematics; supervisor Henrik Kalisch; co-supervisor Mostafa Bakhoday Paskyabi
11:25-11:40Paul DeesBeginning of a machine learning method to detect ecological regime shifts in the Northeast AtlanticGeophysical Institute; supervisor Christoph Heinze
  Session 3 
12:50-13:05Asia AlsgaardReponses to Coastal Environmental Diversity in MSA and LSA coastal Harvesting Practices, Southern Cape, South AfricaCentre of Excellence on Early Sapiens Behaviour (SapienCE), Department of Archaeology, History, Cultural Studies, and Religion; supervisor Karen van Niekerk; co-supervisor team Mimi E. Lam & Carin Andersson
13:10-13:25João BettencourtNorwegian Fjords in the AnthropoceneGeophysical Institute; supervisor Elin Darelius; co-supervisors Mari Myksvoll & Are Olsen
13:30-13:45Nazar Mohamed (outgoing fellowship)Marine aspects related to human healthDepartment of Clinical Medicine; supervisor Hans-Peter Marti; external co-supervisor Piotr Mateusz Mydel (working in Poland, for outgoing period)
13:50-14:05Samaneh Mofrad (outgoing fellowship)Improve short- and long-term weather forecasting for smart -shipping and offshore wind farmsDepartment of Informatics; Nello Blaser; Matthew Piggott (UK, Imperial College, for outgoing period)
14:10-14:30Coffee Break  
  Session 4 
14:35-14:50Mauro PassarellaFluid-rock interactions simulating Arctic-Mid-Ocean Ridge environment. From Deep-Sea Mineral Resources formation to Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS): an experimental studyDepartment of Earth Science; supervisor team Rolf Birger Pedersen & Andreas Beinlich 
14:55-15:10Diego Rodríguez HernándezStudy of Natural products from deep-sea fauna of hydrothermal vents located in the Arctic and the Arctic mid-ocean ridgeDepartment of Chemistry; supervisor Monica Jordheim; co-supervisor Ida Helene Steen
15:15-15:30Claudiu Eduard NedelciuSystemic impact assessment for the deep-sea mining sector in NorwayDepartment of Geography; supervisor Birgit Kopainsky
15:35-15:50Øyvind Fiksen, Marine Dean, UiBFinal summing up 

*) Lunch is only provided for SEAS fellows and supervisors - Cafe Christie (Godt Brød Muséplassen) is open to all.