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Today, the first lecture of the new course "Gender, Migration, and Time" was held at the Centre for Women's and Gender Research. Throughout the course, students will get direct insight into the current research from the WAIT-project.
Professor emerita Ida Blom has passed away at age 85. Blom was a pioneer of women’s history studies and had a major influence on the rise of women’s history research in Norway, Scandinavia and internationally.
On the occasion of the voting anniversary three years ago there was an international conference on gender and citizenship. In this publication you can read texts from many great contributors and SKOK's Kari Jegerstedt is one of the editors
Autumn of 2016 Dinara Podgornova started her position as a phd student at SKOK. Her project will run for four years and here you can find some more information about her project
Nadzeya Husakouskaya is a Ph.D student at SKOK. On the 30th of March she re-opened her exhibition titled “Opposite: being reflected in Marikana Women” at European Humanities University (EHU) in Vilnius, Lithuania.
From April to September 2016 Malgorzata Kot will be studying at the University of Bergen as taking part in the project on student and academic staff mobility within EEA Grants/Norway Grants conducted by the Institute of Philosophy and Sociology of the Polish Academy of Sciences.
Prof Christine M. Jacobsen is one of the contributors at a roundtable on gender studies in Denmark, Norway and Sweden. It has now been published in About Gender, International Journal of Gender Studies.
Donna McCormack, postdoctoral fellow at SKOK is co-editing the journal Somatechnics special issue on the ethics of biomedical tourism. In this special issue the ways bodies and their parts materialise as valuable resources that can be exchanged, sold or even disposed of is critically analysed.
Dr.Mikki van Zyl passed away overnight while attending a workshop in South-Africa co-organized by SKOK. SKOK conveys its condolencec to her family and friends
Theme for the 15 ECTS course in Gender Studies will be "Embodiment, Biopolitics & Technologies" and starts in January 2015. The course is interdisciplinary and intended for students from all programs.
Phd. fellow at SKOK, Nadzeya Husakovskaya has published an article on transgender citizens in Ukraine, in the UK based independent digital commons OpenDemocracyRussia
Donna McCormack, post doctoral fellow at SKOK, has recently released a critical analysis of Judith Butler's and Homi Bhabha's intersecting theories of performativity. In the book she shows how non-institutionalised forms of witnessing serve to reconfigure theories of literary performance.
As a historian, she studied women’s liberation. As a woman she experienced this liberation. For Professor Ida Blom, history and life are two sides of the same coin.
Researcher at SKOK, Gaudencia Mutema, has published an article on her research on Rwandan refugees in the journal Trauma & Gewalt.
The next Luce Irigaray Circle conference will take place at University of Bergen in June 5-7, 2013.
Randi Gressgård’s book "Multicultural Dialogue: Dilemmas, Paradoxes, Conflicts" is discussed in the journal "Dialogues in Human Geography".
We are extremely pleased to announce that David Eng, Professor of English/Asian American Studies at University of Pennsylvania as of this semester has been appointed our new adjunct professor at SKOK, after Elizabeth Grosz’ two periods in the same position have ended.