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Reflections from researchers at the WAIT project on the complexity of waiting in pandemic times.
Ph.D candidate Kari Anne Drangsland has published the article "Waiting as a redemptive state: The ‘Lampedusa in Hamburg’ and the offer from the Hamburg government" in acclaimed journal Time and Society.
In Israel, as in the United States, children have become pawns in government efforts to expel migrants -- despite clear evidence that arresting, detaining, and deporting children violates their human rights and has long-term traumatic effects. Policies like these demand our swift, strong, and emphatic condemnation.
International project will strengthen the employability of doctoral candidates doing gender research.
Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, BSRS 2020 was organised as a virtual research school. 
Post doctor Redi Koobak is researching the #metoo moment in academia.
Marie Curie post doctoral fellow Claus Halberg tells us what he is working with.
What is PhD candidate Anders Rubings research all about?
Chr. Michelsen Institute and the University of Bergen have a long-standing agreement to strengthen development-related research in Bergen. We now invite applications for collaboration between our two institutions. Deadline 14 June, 2019.
Center for Womens and Gender Research invites you to discuss some of Gilroys writings.
Professor Odin Lysaker is one of the core researchers in the WAIT group. In this brief outline of his work, he answers a few questions about his own involvement in WAIT.
SKOKs research group will lead panels and participate at the NORA Conference in Island in May 2019.
Professor Ghassan Hage on waiting as an analytical category in migration studies
Questions regarding migration and patriarchy was debated during Ghassan Hages visit in Bergen, especially the Lebanese diaspora.
UiB is planning to establish an interdisciplinary center for humanistic research. Within this framework, funds are available for two basic research projects with a deadline of 15 March.
February 6th - 9th the researchers for the WAIT project gathered in Athens.
Read the newest blog-entry from PhD. candidate Halvar A. Kjærre on his research amongst Afghans in Europe.