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Agreement for making master thesis available in BORA

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All master students at UiB are encouraged to make their master thesis available in BORA. The University Library does not receive a printed copy of the thesis, so BORA is the only place where the thesis might be accessible for others.

Advantages of having your master thesis in BORA:

  • Making your master thesis available in BORA will help you to efficiently disseminate your thesis to others.
  • It will be searchable through national and international search portals and library catalogues.
  • The thesis will receive a permanent URL. This ensures accessibility for the future through a link that stays consistent.


Clearing copyright:

Do you have pictures taken by others in your thesis? Notice that it is your responsibility to clear the rights to these pictures. You would have to ask for permission to use pictures taken by others, and illustrations and graphs made by others, if the permission is not stated in a following license (ex. Creative Commons).


Are you going to publish your thesis as a book or an article? Then you would have to check the publisher's policy for self-archiving in a repository like BORA before you make it available. Some publishers do not give the permission for a manuscript to also be available in an institutional repository.

Harvested metadata from BORA:

Metadata from BORA is harvested by search engines and library catalogues, to make the content searchable also there. If a thesis is withdrawn from BORA, it will take some time before information about the thesis is removed from these pages. The information will be removed the next time the search engine/catalogue harvest BORA.

The master thesis will be made available under the following conditions:

  • This is an agreement between The University of Bergen Library and the author.
  • This agreement allows the University Library, on behalf of the University in Bergen, the right to deposit the author's master thesis in BORA.
  • The thesis will be available with the author's name, this includes theses with anonymous grading.
  • The author keeps the copyright and retains the right to withdraw the thesis from BORA.
  • The work will be openly accessible on the internet as long as the University maintains an institutional repository.
  • The author is responsible for clearing copyright for material in the theses (illustrations, graphs, pictures etc.).
  • The work can be used, that is referred to, linked to, quoted from, printed and downloaded within the framework of the Norwegian Copyright Law in literary, scientific and artistic works (åndsverkloven) with changes.
  • The University of Bergen does not have the right to use the work commercially.


Version 1.1 (valid from 02.05.24)