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Bergen plants through the ages

On the occasion of the Arboretum's 50th anniversary, we have made an exhibition of plants with a known history from Bergen, in Blondehushagen.

Reidun Myking

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We can find evidence of the use of plants in Bergen dating all the way back to the time it became a city more than 950 years ago. Some plants were collected in the wild, whilst others were cultivated. Some plants arrived with the monasteries, others via apothecaries, and some through horticulture. Look out for the slightly larger green signs in Blondehushagen, and learn more about the old plants. The signs have QR code links for even more information and pictures - as well as complete translations into English - all found on the website of the University of Bergen. The link takes you to the Norwegian version of the website, and for English you just need to press ‘English’ at the top right of the screen on the red UiB banner. Of course you do not have to be in the Arboretum yourself to see all of this. You can also follow the links below.

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