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Week 53

1st January (0)

There are no events on this day

Week 02

11th January (1)

BISC 2021: From crisis to action - Volunteer information meeting (Meeting)

Week 04

27th January (1)

What does a publishable paper look like? (Seminar)

Week 05

Week 06

10th February (2)

Day Zero: Wednesday 10 February 2021 (Conference)

Week 08

22nd February (1)

Arqus Winter School 2021 (Course​)
Registration deadline: Expired.

26th February (1)

Arqus Winter School 2021 (Course​)
Registration deadline: Expired.

Week 15

14th April (1)

The New Climate Activism (Seminar)

Week 17

27th April (1)

Perceptions of hydrogen production for maritime applications (Seminar)

28th April (2)

Climate Impact Assessment and the Energy Transition: Managing the Supply Side of Fossil Fuels (Seminar)
Global School Film & Reflections: Migration (Event)

Week 23

7th June (1)

Amazoning Climate Governance (Event)

Week 24

16th June (1)

Informing action on climate change (Guest lecture)

Week 34

Week 38

23rd September (1)

How does international development cooperation meet the new global challenges? (Event)

Week 42

20th October (1)

Beyond Oil 2021: Prioritising Climate Action (Conference)
Registration deadline: Expired.

21st October (1)

Beyond Oil 2021: Prioritising Climate Action (Conference)
Registration deadline: Expired.

Week 43

27th October (1)

CET Lunch with guest researcher Annina Thaller (Seminar)

Week 46

17th November (1)

How fast can technologies grow? (Seminar)

Week 47

24th November (1)

Political Economy, Resource Rents and Climate Risk (Seminar)

Week 48

1st December (1)

Researcher at COP26: Experiences and Contributions (Seminar)


Week 02

11th January (1)

Climate attitudes: Fresh results from the Norwegian Citizen Panel (Seminar)

Week 03

18th January (1)

Some thoughts on interconnectors (Seminar)

Week 06

8th February (1)

Experimental investigation of wind farm flow effects (Seminar)

Week 08

Week 10

8th March (1)

A biorefinery approach to renewable energy and chemicals (Seminar)

Week 12

Week 13

29th March (1)

A green direction through a circular value chain (Seminar)

30th March (1)

CET Lunch: Climate policy in Russia (Seminar)

Week 16

19th April (1)

BEL Lunch: Batteries for future electrochemical energy storage (Seminar)

20th April (1)

CET Lunch: Is time running out for Norway to transition? (Seminar)

22nd April (1)

Sustainable area management (Seminar)

Week 17

26th April (1)

BEL Lunch: Green public procurement  (Seminar)

27th April (1)

CET Lunch: Is the Global South heading for Dystopia? (Seminar)

Week 18

4th May (1)

BEL Half day seminar: Sustainable Space flight (Seminar)

Week 19

10th May (1)

BEL Lunch: Offshore wind - past present and future (Seminar)

Week 20

18th May (2)

CET Lunch: Conducting ethnographic fieldwork on a LNG shuttle tanker (Seminar)
Duplicate of CET Lunch: Conducting ethnographic fieldwork on a LNG shuttle tanker (Seminar)

Week 21

25th May (1)

CET Lunch: Climate and history. Current perspectives and the longue durée (Seminar)

Week 22

1st June (1)

CET Lunch: Energising a renewable future (Seminar)

Week 24

14th June (1)

BEL Lunch: Development and growth of a hydrogen energy sector (Seminar)

Week 34

23rd August (1)

The Business of Clean Hydrogen Energy - A Focus on Norway and Canada (Seminar)

24th August (1)

CET Lunch: Media, Publics and the Climate Crisis - Coverage, Cognition and Risk Perception (Seminar)

Week 35

Week 36

6th September (1)

BEL lunch: Trollvind (Seminar)

7th September (1)

CET Lunch: Faster, cheaper, and more frequent – sustainable goods transport? (Seminar)

Week 37

Week 38

20th September (1)

BEL lunch: Space Level AI for Monitoring Infrastructure Networks (Seminar)

21st September (1)

CET Lunch: Double energy vulnerability in an under-privileged neighbourhood (Seminar)

22nd September (1)

CET 5: Frokostmøte - What can climate communication learn from the pandemic? (Seminar)

Week 39

Week 40

5th October (1)

CET Lunch: Navigating transformative change in tipping point times (Seminar)

6th October (1)

CET 5: Breakfast meeting - the power of local action (Seminar)

Week 41

11th October (1)

BEL Lunch: Green ammonia in shipping (Seminar)

Week 42

17th October (1)

CET 5: Breakfast meeting. Collaboration - what is it good for? (Seminar)

Week 43

24th October (1)

Sustainable breakfast + BIFF: Going Circular (Lecture)

25th October (1)

BEL Lunch: Optimal utilization of the grid (Seminar)

27th October (1)

CET Symposium: Actionable research in times of climate emergency (Seminar)

Week 44

2nd November (1)

CET Lunch: EU goals and Norwegian cities: A case of sustainable urban logistics (Seminar)

Week 46

17th November (1)

The future of sustainable transport of people and goods in cities (Guest lecture)

Week 47

22nd November (1)

BEL Lunch: Decision-making tool for roof-mounted solar panels (Seminar)

Week 48

30th November (1)

CET Lunch:More than money: local impact is why individuals participate in citizen-financed solar projects (Seminar)