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Knowledge and experiences in the Pyrenees

For GEO-students on the course GEOV362 in Spain yesterday knowledge and experiences go hand in hand.

Pyreneene. Trappetrinnslandskap av imbrikerte skyvedekker, ca 2000 moh ved Puerto de Aragüé
Christian Haug Eide

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After a week in the Spanish Pyrenees, students have gained new insights into the grand structural geology, and become aware of the close interaction between tectonics, basin formation and sedimentary processes that take place during an orogeny.

Each year, GEO tutors Atle Rotevatn, Christian Haug Eide and William Helland-Hansen students they spanse Pyrenees, in connection with the course GEOV362: "Pyrenees Tectonics and Sedimentology Field Course". This year's course was held 2 - 11 June.

As the pictures show, this teaching in stunning scenery, an excellent framework for study and good learning outcomes for students. The course focuses especially on the interaction between tectonics and sedimentation. Often treated this subject in connection with ekstensjonstektonikk, while teachers here focuses on the topic associated with mountain building. This, combined with spectacular scenery and geology, make it a great experience for everyone involved.

The main picture shows students on the course that takes a breather with a view to a stair landscape of imbrikerte nappes, about 2,000 meters above sea level at Puerto de Aragua, a little north of Hecho Valley.

Over the heads of the stud group and teachers Atle Rotevatn, William Helland-Hansen and Christian Haug Eide seen one of the upper decks with spectacular fault-propagation-fold in the front.

Steep edges of the landscape marks sliding tires with limestones of Cretaceous and Pale Osen, while skyveforkastningene exits under each escarpment / sliding cover in the sloping, green hills.