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Ida Juhasz and Marit Skivenes recently published their article "Child welfare workers' experiences of obstacles in care order preparation : a cross -counrty comparison" in the European Journal of Social Policy.
Marit Skivenes and Oda Krogh Læret has contributed with the book chapter «Quality and legitimacy in child welfare decisions” in the book “Decisions in the child welfare system” (In Norwegian: “Beslutninger i barnevernet”) (eds.: Bente Kojan & Øivind Christiansen)
November 1 the project "Adoption as a child welfare measure" is starting up at the Department of Administration and Organization Theory.
Svein Michelsen has contributed two chapter to the forthcoming book "History of Vocational Education and Training in Europe: Cases, concepts and challenges". Michelsen is the sole author of the chapter "The case of the Norwegian VET – Origins and early development 1860-1930", and he has co-authored the chapter "Same but different – The emergence of VET in three Nordic countries" with Christian H... Read more
Marit Skivenes and Milfrid Tonheim have published an article about deliberative decision-making on the Norwegian County Social Welfare Board, and the experiences of expert and lay members of the board.
Per Lægreid and Lise H. Rykkja have co-authored the book Nordic Administrative Reforms - Lessons for Public Management. The book investigates administrative reforms in the nordic countries, and it is authored by scholars from all the nordic countries. Lægreid, Rykkja and Carsten Greve at Copenhagen Business School have edited the book, which is co-authored by Niels Ejersbo, Gunnar Helgi... Read more
Marit Skivenes, Kenneth Burns and Tarja Pösö has launched their edited book “Child welfare removals by the state: A cross-country analysis of decision-making systems”. The book explores the role of court-based and voluntary decision making systems in child protection proceedings, its effects, dynamics, and meanings in seven European countries and the United States, and analyses the tensions and... Read more
Lægreid was given the Ulrich Kloeti-award by the IPSA research committee, Structure and Organization of Government(SOG). Lægreid was given the award for his dedication to governance-research, and for his steadfast work for the committee.
Postdoctor Hogne L. Sataøen has published an article in Scandinavian Journal of Educational Research.
Per Lægreid, Julia Fleischer, Ishtiaq Jamil, Steinar Askvik and Jacob Aars were chairpeople and discussants at panels at the IPSA World Congress. Helge Renå presented, and Lise H. Rykkja submitted a paper to the conference.
Tom Christensen and Per Lægreid have contributed a chapter to the forthcoming book Theory and Practice of Public Sector Reform. The book is edited by Steven Van de Walle and Sandra Groeneveld, and is published in honor of prof. Walter Kickert.
Tom Christensen and Per Lægreid have contributed a chapter to the forthcoming book "Enhancing Public Innovation by Transforming Public Governance". Jacob Thorfing and Peter Triantafillou are the editors of the book wich will be published August 31st.
Thorvald Gran and Nadia von Jacobi has published an article in The European Journal of Social Science. The article is called "How and when does speech-acting generate social innovations", and it critically evaluates the constitutive power of language in matters of social innovation and organization in a "speech-act" theoretical framework.
Marit Skivenes and Katrin Križ have been awarded "Best Article" in the journal International Social Work, for the article "Challenges for marginalized minority parents in different welfare systems: Child welfare workers’ perspectives".
Marit Skivenes and Sissel C. Trygstad have publishet the article Whistleblowing in Local Government: An Empirical Study of Contact Patterns and Whistleblowing in 20 Norwegian Municipalities in the Journal Scandinavian Political Studies.
Per Lægreid and Lise H. Rykkja have authored, and co-authored two chapters in the forthcoming book Public Administration Reforms in Europe; The View from the Top, edited by Gerhard Hammerschmid, Steven Van de Walle, Rhys Andrews and Philippe Bezes. The book will be published in June.
On Friday the 3th of June, the Department hosted the Rose Ceremony to celebrate the master students who completed their thesis this semester.