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Possible strike at UiB: Implications for the Faculty of Law

If no agreement is reached by the parties in the annual wage negotiations there may be a strike at UiB as of Friday 24 May, which could have consequences for the upcoming exams.

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On Monday 20 May, LO Stat announced that 422 of their UiB employees will go on strike if the parties do not reach an agreement in the mediation by the deadline of midnight Friday 24 May. An additional 150 members of Forskerforbundet will also been called out, making the total number at UiB almost 580.

The unions LO Stat, Akademikerne, Unio and YS Stat are negotiating with the State in the annual wage negotiations. There was a breakdown in the negotiations on 30 April, and on Tuesday 21 May mediation between the parties began. If there is no agreement, there will be a strike from Friday 24 May at 6am.

Several employees in the administration at the Faculty of Law are among those called out.

- Prepare as normal

University Director Kjell Bernstrøm says that they will look at all the consequences of a strike and provide information on an ongoing basis. - The number of people who will go on strike at UiB is large, and this could have extensive consequences for the organisation. Many employees in the central administration at UiB will be called out and it is unfortunately unavoidable that a possible strike will affect the exams.

Faculty Director Øystein L. Iversen says that he encourages students to prepare for their examinations as normal.

- We are waiting for the result of the mediation. If the exams will be affected by a strike, the students will be notified, Iversen says.

How a potential strike will impact students at the Faculty of Law will depend on the duration of the strike.

- The Faculty understands that many students, both Norwegian and international, will have questions about what will happen with regard to their exams and other compulsory activities. We do not have a solution at present, but we will do our utmost to be flexible and come up with a satisfactory solution for all those affected, says Iversen.


  • Follow UiB.no/streik for up-to-date information. Information for students will also be published here.