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Erica and Zaria chose UiB for Bachelor-writing

Erica Seelemann and Zaria Connors have come all the way from Halifax, Nova Scotia in Canada to follow courses at the University of Bergen, and they will write up their Bachelor in Psychology here.

Psykologistudenter, Kanada
Erica Seeleman , neuroscience student and Zaria Connors, psychology-student both from Dalhousie University in Halifax, Canada, have come to UiB to work on their Bachelor degree and enjoy the mountains and beautiful surroundings in Bergen.
Ingvild B. Hvidsten, UiB

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Erica (20) and Zaria (21) come from Dalhousie University in Halifax and chose Bergen for their Bachelor project. They will be staying here until July.

– I was drawn to Bergen for the education, culture, and environment. UiB offered courses I was extremely interested in, and the surrounding nature and mountains were a bonus. Studying in Bergen provided me with countless opportunities, says Zaria.

– The thesis course that Zaria and I are taking was an important factor in my decision, and it’s such a unique opportunity to be able to conduct research abroad, adds Erica.


Both girls are attracted to the Bergen scenery, and view the surrounding mountains as an added value.

– I love the mountains and in the two weeks I’ve been here I’ve already climbed two! Being able to attend classes, and having easy access to the Norwegian landscape is incredible, and I really enjoy it.

Will finalize topic soon

The two exchange students have not quite decided what their thesis topic will be yet, but they have their eyes set on the Department of Biological and Medical Psychology (IBMP).

– We will be submitting our choices tomorrow and the course coordinators will then get back to us within the next week or so.

Great future plans

Erica is in her 6th semester of an 8 semester bachelor program. When she finishes her education she would like to be an ophthalmologist.

– In Canada I work with autistic children and I would love to incorporate my experience into my practice. I’d like to help the kids who have vision problems but can’t communicate their struggles easily.

When Zaria finishes her exchange, she will complete one more semester at her home university before finishing her degree. And then she plans to apply to the Bachelor of Community Design program at Dalhousie University.

– I hope to tie in my knowledge from psychology to create better and healthier living environments. I will be taking the Environmental Psychology course here at UiB and am looking forward to applying my knowledge from this course at home.

– With this exchange being my first time in Europe, I am excited to get to know Bergen better, and hope to do some traveling around Norway as well!