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Kjønnsforskning NÅ! 2021 (Gender Research NOW!)

Every other year, gender researchers and other interested parties meet to share new knowledge, build networks and inspire each other during the conference Kjønnsforskning NÅ!

Orda Kjønnsforskning NÅ! i svart og grønt på kvit bakgrunn, ein boge i grønt og gult
Kjønnsforskning NÅ!

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This is an opportunity to share everything from inspiring ideas and artistic, creative and activist projects to finished research. More information and program on the conference website.

Postdoctoral fellow Redi Koobak at SKOK organizes the PhD gathering Wednesday 26 May together with Katrin Losleben from UiT by virtue of her involvement in National Research School for Gender Studies.

Interrim Head of Department Kari Jegerstedt at SKOK participates in the session Hva er kjønnsforskning? En panelsamtale basert på kronikkserien i Kildens nyhetsmagasin (What is gender research? A panel based on the series of op-eds in Kilden news magazine), 14.15-15.30 CET Thursday 27 May.